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The [A] Process

[A] begins each project by pursuing a thorough understanding of the needs of clients and agency partners, as well as the business and technical objectives that must be met.

  • Project Kickoff - During the kickoff, [A] team members meet client or agency team members and together we discuss project roles and responsibilities. We outline timelines and plan the discovery process.  
  • Discovery - During the discovery phase, [A] discusses the mission and project vision. From there, we identify the goals for the project; we define personas, and work to understand the status of client systems and the logical steps for improvement. We also examine systems integration, information flow, and content workflow issues. If applicable, we define content marketing deliverables.  
  • Architecture - Following the discovery phase, [A] develops specific content and navigation plans; we mock up wireframes and page layouts; we identify and define member content areas and access rules; we specify taxonomy and display rules for content; and we decide CMS functionality to be implemented.  
  • Design and Photography - [A] develops visual page layouts to support the content and navigation defined; we secure client approval and any needed revisions; we determine requirements for graphics, images, and flash, and create any needed artwork; we conduct photo shoots and acquire any images otherwise required.
  • Implementation and Development - [A] assembles approved layouts and artwork and codes them into HTML/CSS templates; we establish CMS infrastructure; we integrate templates into the CMS; we develop code is to support any custom functionality; we develop structured content areas; and we begin content conversion-placement.  
  • Content Services - [A] puts a pre-defined content marketing strategy into place, write custom content, and place content on the site.

Contact [A] with questions, to send a proposal request, or for more information about [A]'s capabilities and an [A]gent will get back to you shortly.