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[A] Story

[A] has a proven history as a strategic integrator invested in content intelligence. But how did we get here?

[A]’s beginnings date back to the early 2000s when we began delivering services and platform integration. While our organization was very much an integrator, we were also acting as an interactive agency.

Over time, we realized our clients were best served by our strategic focus around intelligent content, content valuation, content technology and the Master Content Model™. As a result, we shifted away from creative agency work and established partnerships with creative agencies and other large enterprises providing content intelligence services and support. 

[A] Today

[A] is the Content Intelligence Service. In partnership with clients, we create all aspects of a content intelligence system and unify the people, processes, and tools needed to enable content intelligence and maximize content-ROI.

[A] is dedicated to making sure that content stays relevant, marketing stays human and our clients can connect with their audiences in a need-based human way resulting in engaged, satisfied and loyal customers.

To achieve this, [A] ensures content is:
  • Coherent - Orchestrated against a Master Content Model™, unifying systems for content interoperability.
  • Self-Aware - Connected with semantics, taxonomy, structure, and context.
  • Quantum - Able to exist in multiple states and systems at one time, leveraging content assets for reach and impact.​

The [A] Way

​Content is everywhere. Intelligent content is dedicated to transforming the digital experience, making the relationship with customers, members, and constituents more personalized and more real and applicable. Customers want to have a relationship with the brand, company, organization and the people behind it.

[A] partners with smart leaders to reach more channels, grow the value of content assets, and streamline omnichannel production and publishing. Complex organizations use [A] to compete in a multichannel, multimodal, AI-driven world.

This is what [A] helps to enable. This is intelligent content, this is humanizing the digital experience.