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[A] Story

[A] has a proven history as an innovative leader in content intelligence. But how did we get here?

[A]’s earliest beginnings date back to 1996, when a single-person internet consulting entity cropped up at the dawn of a new era for computer-mediated human commercial interactions. That consultant opened a web design company, then interactive agency. When the lack of reliable content management software became a stopping point, the firm spun up a CMS software division, building content software from stratch, and finally adopting best-of-breed software as a content-technology services and platform integration firm. With exposure to structured content models stemming from technical communications and marketing communications engagements, cross-functional content DNA became embedded in the culture. And, the firm grew unique capabilities around disciplined preparation for and managing of large CMS-integration projects, becoming a significant regional firm supporting many other agencies on their content technology projects.

Eventually, seeing a need for a specialized vendor in a yet-undefined content intelligence space, a new company was formed in 2012, Simple A LLC, known simply as [A]. The focus for [A]: changing the nature of content itself. [A] adapts content, architecture, and organizational structures to meet the demands of the next generation of customer experiences. 

The company grew, built new processes, and adopted seminal thinking from content-industry architectural and innovation leader Joe Gollner, who later joined [A] as Master Architect. Other industry leaders have joined [A] to embrace and influence a holistic platform to move the space forward, and advance next-generation publishing across large-scale content owners.

The company's focus on intelligent content, content valuation, content technology, organizational design and change management, the Content Intelligence Framework, and the Master Content Model™ has served larger and larger enterprises over the years, providing content intelligence services and support to transformation initiatives within the some of the largest enterprises on earth. 

[A] Today

[A] is the Content Intelligence Service. In partnership with clients, [A] creates all aspects of a content intelligence system and unify the people, processes, and tools needed to enable content intelligence and maximize content-ROI.

[A] is dedicated to making sure that content stays relevant, marketing stays human and our clients can connect with their audiences in a need-based human way resulting in engaged, satisfied and loyal customers.

To achieve this, [A] ensures content is:
  • Coherent - Orchestrated against a Master Content Model™, unifying systems for content interoperability.
  • Self-Aware - Connected with semantics, taxonomy, structure, and context.
  • Quantum - Able to exist in multiple states and systems at one time, leveraging content assets for reach and impact.​

[A] Way Forward

​Content is everywhere. Intelligent content is dedicated to transforming the digital experience, making the relationship with customers, members, and constituents more personalized and more conversational. 

[A] partners with smart leaders to reach more channels, grow the value of content assets, and streamline omnichannel production and publishing from many authoring sources to many endpoints.  Integrated. Personalized. In a technology-agnostic architecture built on processes and patterns that scale. Complex organizations use [A] to compete in a personalized, multichannel, multimodal, AI-driven world.

 [A] makes companies smarter.