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Proposal Requests

[A] welcomes requests from all organizations and agencies seeking a proposal or statement of requirements.

[A] typically receives and answers proposal requests covering the following:

[A] works hand-in-glove with organizations and agencies, sometimes with several in one project and has acted as both prime and subcontractor on engagements. 

[A] helps clients and partners manage and maintain large CMS implementations, integrations, and migrations as well as content campaigns and related services.

[A] looks for fit to engagement based on subject matter, participants, timeline, deliverables, budget, process, and other analysis. We refer or decline RFP's when not a good match. Accepted RFP's are assigned a discovery and solution design team.

From time to time, [A] is also engaged in the preparation of RFPs and in an advisory role in vendor selection engagements.

To submit an RFP, use the contact form or email materials to