[A] 2019 Content Intelligence Resource Guide

Annual Collection of High-Impact Content Intelligence Resources from [A]

Change comes quickly and the demands of content publishing never let up. The customer appetite for personalized experiences has shifted even further forward. Smart organizations such as Amazon and Google continue to lead real-time personalization.

How do managers stay current, let alone stay ahead? How do we ensure our teams are ready to reach customers anytime, on any device, within any context?
The content intelligence tools and best practices from [A] will prove invaluable as content owners and organizations build momentum toward transforming publishing ahead of 2020. Here is the annual collection of the most popular and valuable content intelligence resources from the [A] Treasury.

Here are [A]’s Top assets within the Treasury:

  • Video: "The Future of the Content Supply Chain" — Watch Cruce Saunders give the opening keynote at SDL Connect 2018. Review the state of enterprise content and how to streamline and automate content supply chains. Learn to facilitate collaboration of people, process, and technologies to support a constantly evolving content landscape.
  • Whitepaper: “[A] Guide to Mastering the Core Content Model — Learn from Joe Gollner and the content engineers at [A], and see steps needed to construct a Core Content Model™ and how to apply it systematically to complex content ecosystems. Usher in the new era of content intelligence with a firm structural foundation in the CCM.
  • Webinar: ”The Emerging Role of the Content Engineer” — Discover how content engineering plays a central role in delivering intelligent content. Learn from Cruce how technical communicators, and other technically-savvy content stakeholders, have a tremendous opportunity to drive change in the intelligence era that is now upon us.
  • Article: "What Is the Semantic Web?" — Understand the significance of semantic data connections and begin to incrementally embed semantic metadata and relationships into every piece of content designed.

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