Kentico 11 Upgrade Will Make Marketers Happy

Kentico 11 sets the customer at the heart of the story. Digital marketing just became a bit more intelligent.


Released Dec 12, 2017, Kentico 11 is an all-in-one customer experience management platform. The new release extends the email marketing solution, ensures compliance, enriches integrations and search, and enables more commerce, multi-channel and interactive possibilities. Many new features originate from Kentico marketer and developer feedback and are now delivered in Version 11 of the Kentico CMS platform. These include:

  • Easier GDPR and data protection compliance

  • Cross-platform third-party integrations

  • Flexible ways to customize email marketing

  • Improved search with multi-facet and multi-level categorizations

  • Fully tailored e-commerce, including advanced discount management

Perfect Support for Evolving Content Channels

As a Kentico Gold Partner, focused on evolving content intelligence, [A] will introduce Kentico’s new functionality to clients. It is well suited for supporting multi-channel and interactive customer experiences.

In addition to supporting traditional CMS content scenarios, [A] is now helping clients build CMS-driven chatbots and other endpoints to support multichannel and voice-driven customer experiences. Chatbots and other forms of content personalization and automation can deliver marketers new levels and granularity of data, and customers more frictionless experiences.

At [A], we focus on preparing clients for what we call the new content order. We write about it, speak about it, and engineer CMS platforms and chatbots for it. [A] has the experience and expertise to help clients get the most from Kentico 11. Here is a closer look at what’s inside.

What’s Inside?

With both business and technical users in mind, Kentico Version 11 focuses on helping streamline marketing projects and both simplifies and speeds up development. The new version also provides a new modular e-commerce framework approach, and more highly customized e-store projects.

New Kentico 11 features include:

GDPR and Data Protection

This new feature ensures that users comply with data protection regulations: manage consents, access or forget subjects’ data, or export it in machine readable format, all from one point.

Marketo, Salesforce, and Ucommerce Integrations

New integrations allow synchronization of data bidirectionally with Salesforce, utilize Marketo segments, and allow users to create e-shops with Ucommerce. Marketers can now run and save campaigns, learn from past data, tweak new campaigns, iterate and continuously reconfigure; while developers will find less custom code to integrate into 3rd party systems, proven, enterprise-level functionality out of the box, and more capabilities.

Email Builder

A new more intuitive visual builder supports development of numerous widgets, allowing us to plan and execute email campaigns and keep the focus trained on message, audience and metrics.

Search Improvements

Search with multiple levels and multiple facets. However we classify the content, visitors will find the content relevant to their query. In Version 11, Kentico supports Azure Search indexes and offers cloud-based capabilities, including Faceted Search, Highlighting, Scoring Profiles, and more. Marketers can now integrate existing site content into Azure Search and provide significantly improved search experience for users. Developers now enjoy faster, smarter search, faceting and highlighting, and are able to easily customize search experiences.

Enhanced Easier E‑commerce with Modular E‑commerce Framework

Kentico 11 supports the latest e-commerce practices and trends. With Kentico’s new Modular E-commerce Framework, we can more easily customize e-shops to suit client needs, including  building powerful e-shops with features such as delayed payments, multiple gift cards, and processing product prices with or without tax.

Shopping cart calculation updates

Kentico 11 introduces a completely revamped cart calculation engine. This new feature resolves rounding and calculation troubles by breaking down the process into logical steps. If the out-of-the-box functionality still doesn’t meet specific needs, we can override any step of the process to ensure stores function exactly as needed.

Delayed payment capture

With Kentico 11 users’ ecommerce systems can now take an order, but collect payment later. Local and state regulations and can have a big impact on how a store operates in a region. Kentico 11 now allows configuration of sites for delayed payment capture using standard gateways or Paypal, with no customization required.

Take advantage of the major enhancements available with Kentico 11. Ask [A] how Kentico CMS and EMS can deliver intelligent content for interactive channels, chatbot audiences, and other interactive personal assistants.

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