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The Invisible World of Content

The Invisible World of Content — New Series Releasing in 2021

The Invisible World of Content aims to inspire ideas and actions to support the content professionals that have been working hard to advocate for the rightful place knowledge and content should have in any organization.

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Discover the Invisible World of Content | Video

In this new series, discover the forms and connections hidden inside content that give it the ability to move. We’ll explore the meta-layers within content that give human beings and machines new ways to collaborate and generate new insights. 

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What are Intelligent Customer Experiences? | Video

See how ICX is already a factor in our daily lives. We’ll dive into the characteristics that make a Customer Experience ‘Intelligent’ – bringing together a customer's context with the right assembled content to meet their needs at the right time.

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What is Content Intelligence? | Video

In this episode, we define Content Intelligence and examine how it directly relates to Intelligent Customer Experiences (ICX). Learn how to cultivate Content Intelligence practices to save time and money for content production, while keeping content consistent and evergreen.

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What is the Content Services Organization? | Video

Learn about the Content Services Organization (CSO) and see how it provides value for both content creators and customers.

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