Uniting the Content Trades: Exploring the Need for a Professional Association

Uniting the Content Trades: Exploring the Need for a Professional Association

08/07, 1:30 PM
Montreal, Canada

Join industry leaders Cruce Saunders, founder of [A], and Deane Barker, VP of DXP Consulting at Valtech, as they facilitate a discussion on the future of content management professionals.

As our field expands, many content experts find themselves at a crossroads - seeking recognition, clear career trajectories, and a sense of community. This interactive session will delve into the potential for creating a dedicated professional association to address these needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the current challenges facing content professionals
  • Explore the potential benefits of a dedicated association
  • Contribute your ideas for professional development and industry support
  • Network with like-minded professionals

Participate in this collaborative dialogue to help shape the future of our industry. We'll lay the foundation for an association that could transform how content professionals connect, grow, and thrive.

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Montreal, Canada
This session is part of CMS Connect, a conference dedicated to the global content management community. Join CMS Connect in Montreal, Canada, on August 6-7, 2024, for cutting-edge insights on digital experiences, professional development, and future trends in content management. Don't miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with industry peers.

About Cruce Saunders

Cruce Saunders is the Founder and principal at [A]. He hosts the Towards a Smarter World podcast and The Invisible World of Content YouTube series. He has been a keynote speaker around the world at conferences and an invited speaker at enterprises around the world. He regularly presents on AI, content intelligence, content operations, content engineering, personalization, governance, content structural and semantic standards, and enterprise transformation.

About Deane Barker

With over two decades of experience in content technologies, Deane is a recognized expert in managing, organizing, and delivering digital content. As a founding partner of Blend Interactive, he implements various content management systems and consults on complex content challenges. Deane is the author of "Web Content Management: Systems, Features, and Best Practices" and "Real World Content Modeling." His blog, Gadgetopia, and newsletter, Squirrel Notes, offer invaluable insights into the evolving world of content management.