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Content Modeling Roundtable

The content model can streamline content creation, enable better team collaboration, and create consistent and reliable customer experiences. Part one of the Content Modeling Roundtable series covers facets of the current and future state. 

In this roundtable, leading practitioners dive into content modeling process and tooling, and navigate through terminology definitions. Driven by engineers and strategists, this roundtable will inspire the technical and the strategic alike.

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Content Modeling Roundtable
  • Join a group of industry experts diving deep into the foundational terminology and processes they each use when modeling content for omnichannel publishing.


Aaron Bradley
Knowledge Graph Strategist
Carrie Hane
Founder & Principal Strategist
Cruce Saunders
Founder and Principal at [A]
Eamonn Glass
Director of Content Ecosystem Strategy
Jeff Eaton
Senior Digital Strategist
Kate Thomas
Lead Content Strategist
Michael Andrews
Content Strategy Evangelist
Michael Panzer
Senior Manager – Ontologist
Rachel Lovinger
Content Strategy Director

More About The Content Order

This Roundtable was organized by the Content Order, a free membership program hosted by [A]. The Content Order is open for anyone invested in the future of content.

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As enterprise content publishers work towards omnichannel ICX, we need to overhaul our content ecosystems including massive changes across people, processes, and technology. The new order of content intelligence has been driven by educated leaders working hard to achieve a new way of working with content, enterprise knowledge, and customer experiences.

The Content Order is part of the solution, starting with education and idea-sharing.