[A]'s Cruce Saunders' Talk "What Chatbots Can Do" at IDW 2017

[A]'s Cruce Saunders' Talk

What Chatbots Can Do When You Engineer Content for Them

11/28, 10:25 AM
Menlo Park, CA

Industry analysts predict chatbots and personal assistants will soon overtake traditional web interfaces and will completely transform customer service. Are you ready?

[A]'s founder spoke at Information Development World (IDW) on Nov. 28, 2017, presenting a talk titled, "What Chatbots Can Do When You Engineer Content for Them." The author of Content Engineering for a Multi-Channel World, Cruce examined how to engineer multichannel content at scale for chatbots and voice interfaces. Attendees learned how chatbots give customer service and other Q&A content new interactive life, and how structured, semantically-rich content helps to efficiently deliver consistent customer experiences.

Cruce explored:

  • Where chatbots fit in as a new content distribution channel and why we can’t afford to ignore them
  • How adding a chatbot to a content delivery strategy can safely extend existing content repositories and help to deliver the right content to those who need it, on the delivery channel of their preference
  • Basic chatbot content requirements, components and construction
  • Why it is important to future-proof content with a content model to make it chatbot-ready 

Attendees took away understanding of:

  • How chatbots represent Q&A content in interactive value, and the value this serves as an engagement tool and content channel
  • The evolving market dynamics surrounding chatbot technology
  • How to leverage structured semantically rich content to power one or more chatbots
  • How an organization’s content stack and workflow supports content reuse for chatbots
  • How to boost return on investment of existing content, decrease sales cycles, improve conversions, and reduce customer service costs — all while improving customer satisfaction
  • How to ​increase content production complexity and decrease the risk of producing incongruent content across multiple channels
  • How to extend existing content repositories and confidently deliver the right content to those who need it on the delivery channel of their preference

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More About Creating Machine-Ready Content, Information Development World 2017

11/27/2017 - 11/29/2017
Menlo Park, CA

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What You Will Learn:

Your guided journey begins with a focus on the business activities, processes, competencies, and tools required to take full advantage of chatbots, voice interfaces, and intelligent agents. Each day has a specific focus and is divided into bite-sized chunks, making it easy for you to have a-ha moments. Daily mini-workshops help you identify next steps you’ll need to prepare your content for the future.

  • LEARN — what chatbots are, how they work, what they can do for you (and for your prospects and customers)
  • SEE — chatbots in action; discover ways to use chatbots to deliver engaging content experiences
  • UNDERSTAND — why you need content strategy to support chatbots and the creation of conversational content
  • DO — learn from those who are working in the trenches; attend mini-workshops designed to get you thinking differently about content
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About Cruce Saunders

As founder and principal at [A] and author of Content Engineering for a Multi-Channel World, Cruce Saunders bring more than 20 years of experience focused on content delivery technology. His team has delivered more than 300 successful digital and content engineering engagements. Cruce regularly speaks on multichannel marketing, content engineering, content asset valuation, intelligent content, machine learning, AI, cognitive systems, customer experience platforms, and digital maturity. [A] operates in the US, Mexico, and Latin America and serves large corporations, governments, associations, NGOs and other complex institutions.