In this episode, take a deeper look into the inner workings of a Content Services Organization (CSO).

See how a CSO obtains funding, where it sits within the organization, and how it adds value to everyone involved. Whether large or small, any organization can get smarter and more effective when a Content Services Organization is chartered and empowered to facilitate the flow of knowledge across an organization's many silos and functions.

Learn how to tie together people and systems with an organized content ecosystem in this focused episode.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to think big, but start small, by scaling the CSO overtime
  • Uncover strategies for finding organizational support and funding
  • Elevate the conversation about content to the C-level, with an asset focus
  • Drive performance and decrease organizational risk using shared content standards

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For a deep-dive into the Content Service Organization(CSO), check out this article exploring the Structure and Function of a Content Services Organization (CSO).