In this episode, we break down how real-world organizations struggle with dispersed disciplines and poorly managed processes around content.

Learn how to overcome costly systemic problems by enabling a Content Orchestration Model (COM). Shift from document management to fluid, dynamic content elements. Embrace the new era of intelligent content.

Key takeaways:

  • Unify disjointed strategies; break down silos and bring teams together
  • Connect all the pieces of content creation and facilitate scalability
  • Drive accountability with content operations
  • Bring together content strategy, engineering, and operations practices to produce next-generation intelligent customer experiences
  • Maintain shared content standards and resources across the organization

More Content Orchestration Resources

For more on the COM, check out this article: "A Playbook for the Future of Content Creation" and learn how to optimize your content supply chain with clean regulations, rhythms, and governance to enhance the flow content creation. 

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