Content Engineering Roundtable

Content Engineering Roundtable

The Practice, Disciplines, and Real-life Stories of Content Engineering

An on-demand, online roundtable video.

Join this focused group of experts as they explore essential terminology and strategies used to achieve success in content engineering. Perspectives range from roles, team structure, and content decoupling, to career path strategies. Listen to an actual case study of how one expert started a content engineering practice.

This session grants us a view into a practice that has been in development for some years, with many practitioners within the enterprise and also within the consulting community. Content engineers work with many different clients and ensure content supply chains are optimized - from authoring, through transformation and mark-up, and to omnichannel delivery- ensuring the best engagement with our customers. Or even the robots which are increasingly serving our customers. 

Core Discussion Topics

  • Relevant, updated content engineering definitions 
  • How to make content “sing and dance”
  • Content decoupling, reuse, and reconfiguration
  • Structure and metadata relationships
  • Team roles and responsibilities
  • How content engineers mediate content and machine relationships
  • Content optimization for different jurisdictions and governance
  • Career paths amidst the lack of formalized university programs

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  1. Aaron Bradley – Knowledge Graph Strategist at Electronic Arts
  2. Ann Rockley – Founder and CEO, The Rockley Group
  3. Carolyn Swift-Muschott – Director, Content Engineering at Cengage Learning
  4. Ulrike Parson –  CEO, parson AG and Steering Committee Chair, iiRDS
  5. Cruce Saunders – Founder and Principal, [A]

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