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Content Modeling Roundtable Part 2

Learn the terms, tools, processes, and definitions that leading practitioners use to model content every day.

Member Roundtable

Join a group of industry experts diving deep into the foundational terminology and processes they each use when modeling content for omnichannel publishing. With perspectives from strategy to engineering, prepare to cover a lot of ground.

Core Topics:

  • Exploring the need for universal terminologies and industry standards
  • The importance of UX in content modeling
  • Common modeling tools facilitating more dynamic customer experiences
  • The role of metadata in content models
  • Working with content modules to assemble personalized views
  • How content types, elements, taxonomy and content elements impact content models
  • Client-side and server-side ways of displaying variance
  • Leveraging metadata to improve internal workflows and compliance
  • Domain-driven design issues and goals

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This Roundtable was organized by the Content Order, a free membership program hosted by [A]. The Content Order is open to anyone invested in the future of content.

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As enterprise content publishers work towards intelligent customer experience and seamless interaction, we need to overhaul our content ecosystems. This involves massive changes across people, processes, and technology. The new order of content intelligence has been driven by educated leaders working hard to achieve a new way of working with content, enterprise knowledge, and customer experiences.

The Content Order is part of the solution, starting with education and idea-sharing.