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ContentTECH Summit Workshop with [A]’s Director of Content Intelligence Strategy

ContentTECH Summit Workshop with [A]’s Director of Content Intelligence Strategy

Orchestrating Content for Omnichannel Customer Experience

04/08, 1:00 PM
San Diego, CA US

In this workshop, Alan Porter, Director of Content Intelligence Strategy at [A], will provide insights into how he and the [A] team approached redesigns for some of the most complex content ecosystems using the combined disciplines of content strategy and content engineering.

Attendees will learn how [A]’s applied approach to content intelligence enables even the largest content sets to be personalized, discoverable, future-proofed, and easily reused and delivered across all channels. From the user’s perspective, this translates into unified brand experiences and seamless customer journeys.

To achieve this end state, there are several key skills and processes that content teams need to master.

In this workshop, “Orchestrating Content for Omnichannel Customer Experience,” Porter will guide attendees through:

  • The architecture of a Content Intelligence System
  • An introduction to the Master Content Model®
  • The relationship between structure and semantics
  • Examples of content intelligence in action

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More About More About ContentTECH Summit

The ContentTECH mission is clear: show how the effective use of technology and better processes can help your strategic efforts to create, manage, deliver and scale your enterprise content and provide your customers with better digital experiences.

Come to the ContentTECH Summit to learn how new technologies and innovative processes are fundamentally changing what our work will look like in the next two to five years.

What Questions Will Be Answered at ContentTECH Summit?

  • How do we ensure our business is using or preparing for the right content and marketing technology innovations?
  • How do we fill our customers’ needs for epic experiences?
  • How do we use content and technology to help us in the ever-changing marketing landscape?
  • How do we sort through the thousands of opportunities available to us?

More About Alan J. Porter

Alan J. Porter is the Director of Content Intelligence Strategy at [A]. Porter is an industry-leading content strategist driven to educate, inform, and entertain through content. He is a regular conference speaker, workshop leader, and writer on content marketing, content strategy, customer experience, brand management, and content and localization strategy. Alan was named one of the Top 25 Content Strategy Influencers and a Digital Strategy Thought Leader in 2016 and 2017. More of his work can be found at “The Content Pool.”