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STC Chicago Webinar: Customer Experience in a Culture of Assumption

STC Chicago Webinar: Customer Experience in a Culture of Assumption

Customer Experience in a Culture of Assumption

02/06, 12:00 CST

The rise of the content-centric culture has made it a necessity for organizations to put the consumer’s needs first. Enterprises that succeed in delivering exceptional, personalized digital experiences rise from the pack. They consistently deliver personalized content that addresses each user’s unique inquiries or needs in the channel that suits them best. However, this cultural shift also makes it more evident when other experiences fall short of that mark.

Most of us can commiserate over this shared experience: We’re on a call with a customer service team of our credit card company or insurer, and we’re forced to provide the same information over and over again as we are transferred from department to department. We all know of companies with incredibly integrated pre-sales content and a starkly disconnected post-sales support experience.

This is a result of siloed organizations operating under the “culture of assumption.” It’s no coincidence that these breakdowns more frequently happen in enterprises. Large organizations with large content pools have more silos to align and more teams operating under their own individual perspectives, priorities, and hypotheses. The more complex the organization, the more complex it is to maintain one unified, customer-centric experience.

Here are a few key questions to consider when evaluating whether an organization is customer-centric or operating under a “culture of assumption”:

  • How easy is it for customers to interact with your company/brand?

  • Do customers have to know the way you work to achieve what they want, or do you make it easier with a guided customer experience?

  • Do you assume that just because you know how to do something, that your customers (or even other employees) will?

This webinar will highlight a few examples of the impact of a “culture of assumption” and provide some practical tips on how to switch from a company-focused mindset to a customer-focused mindset.

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