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Omnichannel Customer Experience Roundtable - 2020

With new content channels constantly evolving, the path to reaching customers continues to become more complex. Learn from leaders of enterprise teams tackling the strategies and operations that make personalized content possible.

This roundtable features titans of enterprise publishing highlighting the forward edge of omnichannel content programs.

Core Discussion Topics

•  Organizational change
•  Working with new content channels
•  Creating presentation-free content
•  Collaboration with channel-specific teams
•  Enable machine consumption of new and published content
•  Practical usage and benefits of journey-mapping
•  “End-to-end” user journies vs “lifecycles" Identifying universal customer experiences – the
   moments that matter
•  Intent taxonomies
•  Governance and compliance
•  Reducing customer resolution time
•  Ensuring cross-channel consistency
•  Personalization vs. individualization

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Alex Montuschi
Global Omnichannel Lead, Growth Marketing
Cruce Saunders
Founder and Principal at [A]
Jon Hanke
Enterprise Content Strategy Manager
Jonathan Foster
Principal Content Experiences Manager, Edge, Mobile, & Conversational UX
Julie Lane
Digital Experience Executive, Financial Services Strategic Advisor
Noz Urbina
Founder at Urbina Consulting, Co-Founder of OmnichannelX Conference

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