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Omnichannel Customer Experience Roundtable - 2021

Join our panel of content experts to discover the necessity of moving towards a goal-oriented, omnichannel customer journey. Learn how to diagnose and repair pain points in your organization’s customer experience, and hear career advice from professionals on how to thrive in the content industry.

Core Topics

  • Organizational structures in major companies
  • Governance dynamics
  • Understanding your audience’s needs
  • Omnichannel Customer Journeys
  • Culture shifts that lead to omnichannel experiences
  • Career advice for new graduates and content creators

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Ashley Faus
Content Strategy Lead at Atlassian
Christopher Strebel
Digital Content eXperience Manager at WHO
Cruce Saunders
Founder and Principal at [A]
Erica Jorgensen
Senior content designer at Microsoft
Noz Urbina
Founder at Urbina Consulting, Co-Founder of OmnichannelX Conference

Continue the conversation at the OmnichannelX conference

OmnichannelX  brings together the best and the brightest to share success stories, tell of early failures, and explain the techniques used to make omnichannel content orchestration and personalisation initiatives work.

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This Roundtable was organized by the Content Order, a free membership program hosted by [A]. The Content Order is open for anyone invested in the future of content.

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As enterprise content publishers work towards omnichannel ICX, we need to overhaul our content ecosystems including massive changes across people, processes, and technology. The new order of content intelligence has been driven by educated leaders working hard to achieve a new way of working with content, enterprise knowledge, and customer experiences.

The Content Order is part of the solution, starting with education and idea-sharing.