Omnichannel Technology & Platforms Roundtable

Omnichannel Technology & Platforms Roundtable

Omnichannel Experts Panel

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Hosted by Cruce Saunders of [A], join our panel of experts to dive into what it means to create truly Omnichannel content, and discover tips and tricks on creating personalization in each step of the customer journey.

This Roundtable was sponsored by the OmnichannelX conference. For more information, visit

OmnichannelX brings together the best and the brightest to share success stories, tell of early failures, and explain the techniques used to make omnichannel content orchestration and personalization initiatives work.

Core Discussion Points:

  • What is Omnichannel Content?
  • Who uses omnichannel content, and why is it important?
  • How can we create systems that utilize omnichannel content?
  • What is the importance of chatbots?
  • What does the future of omnichannel look like?

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  1. Coraline Krak - Lead Conversion Designer
  2. Michael Priestley - Lead Information Architect
  3. Noz Urbina - Founder at Urbina Consulting, CoFounder of OmnichannelX Conference
  4. Aaron Bradley - Knowledge Graph Strategist
  5. Chris Schmechel - Information Architect

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