Alan Porter Presents at STC 2019 Summit

Alan Porter Presents at STC 2019 Summit

Why Technical Communicators Should Be More Than Writers

05/07, 8:00 AM
Denver, CO

The role of "technical writer" has been the topic of much discussion in recent years; an accurate and current job title that encompasses the expanding skills of this key team member still seems to be elusive. Just why should we consider technical writers as more than simply writers or publishers in today's world of dynamic content? Alan Porter will explore this topic during his presentation on “Why Technical Communicators Should Be More Than Writers” at the STC Summit Conference in Denver, CO on May 7, 2019.

This dynamic presentation will include the following discussions:
  • The changing content landscape and what that means to us as communicators.
  • Different techniques can be used to communicate technical information.
  • Resources and examples that help us change the way we communicate.

Join Alan as he covers the most significant and recent changes in content technology and in our communications landscape. Discover effective, alternate methods for communicating technical information and how to optimize content reuse and information deployment vs. traditional publishing workflows.

Attend this session to gain answers to all your questions regarding the swiftly evolving roles of technical communicators. An overview of the conference program and links for registration may be found at

More About STC 2019 Technical Communication Summit

05/04/2019 - 05/07/2019
Denver, CO
This 66th annual STC Summit features widely-acknowledged expert presenters to discuss key trends, issues, and the latest technical communications solutions. The Summit has long been renowned for its networking opportunities with colleagues and thought leaders in the field. Unlike other conferences, which have a more narrow focus, the STC Summit has depth and breadth that reflects the diversity of our profession. Come to this Summit to learn about new techniques and trends, as well as grow your skills and competencies. The STC 2019 Summit will be held May 5-8 at the Hyatt Regency Denver, in Denver, CO.

Alan Porter

Alan Porter is the Director of Content Intelligence Strategy for [A], responsible for strategic client services leadership. Alan has an extensive background within the industry and has consulted for large, well-known enterprises and organizations. He has helped shape the content intelligence space through his writing and thought leadership. As the author of The Content Pool, Alan promotes the concept of content as an enterprise asset with real value. He advocates the convergence of content across an organization and the foundational role of content intelligence in harnessing that convergence in order to deliver exceptional customer experiences.