SDL Connect 2018: The Future of the Content Supply Chain

SDL Connect 2018: The Future of the Content Supply Chain

From Manual to Autonomous, The Future of the Content Supply Chain

Santa Clara, CA

The content industry challenges we all face amidst a rapidly evolving technological landscape are even more amplified for those targeting a global audience.

All organizations must now produce and manage a higher volume of content across a growing number of devices and channels. However, those targeting a global user base must additionally contend with translating this message effectively in multiple languages, on an even greater number of platforms, and across even more departmental silos.

Although the system is more complex for organizations targeting a global audience, the solution remains the same.

If we take a holistic approach to eliminating barriers and enabling fluidity within our existing content stack, it is possible for organizations to effectively streamline and automate content supply chains. In this keynote, Cruce Saunders, founder and principal at [A], will discuss how that can be done by applying an intelligence framework, AI, and a new operating model to an enterprise organization’s current content ecosystem.

This opening keynote will investigate:

  • The current state of enterprise content
  • Emerging content creation trends
  • The strategies and processes that enable content intelligence at scale and across all channels
  • How to facilitate the collaboration of technologies, people, and systems to support a constantly evolving content landscape

More About SDL Connect 2018

11/06/2018 - 11/07/2018
Santa Clara, CA

SDL Connect 2018 showcased the intersection of technology and processes we need to unify our content supply chain from creation, through translation to delivery. It’s two days of networking, discovering industry trends, sharing customer stories, and more! Learn from the best, connect with peers, increase your global content knowledge. 

About Cruce Saunders

Founder and principal at [A] and author of Content Engineering for a Multi-Channel World, Cruce has more than 20 years of experience in the content technology space. His team works with complex content sets within large enterprises, often at senior executive levels. Cruce regularly speaks on omnichannel marketing, personalization, content intelligence, content asset valuation, machine learning, chatbots, AI, customer experience platforms, the semantic web, knowledge graphs, organization design, the Core Content Model™, content engineering, and digital transformation. [A] partners with enterprise leaders to reach more channels, grow the value of content assets, and streamline omnichannel production and publishing.

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