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Content Ontology Roundtable - Practices of Working Ontologists

Content Ontology Roundtable - Practices of Working Ontologists

The Practices of Working Ontologists

Member Roundtable

Join host Mike Doane of [A] and our panel of content taxonomy experts for a deep dive into how organizations across industries can implement ontology in their daily practices. Discover the definition of working in content ontology, and explore the skills needed by new graduates in order to carve out a career in content taxonomy.

In this Content Order Roundtable, see how practitioners are utilizing ontologies and hear some speculation from our panelists about the future of ontology work.

Core Discussion Topics

  • The roles and responsibilities of ontologists
  • Framework view of ontologies inside the organization
  • How to use ontologies to build customer experience
  • The use of ontologies for product development
  • Data visualization and techniques used in ontology work
  • Next evolutions of Content Architecture
  • Career guidance in working with content taxonomy 

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Bryon Jacob - CTO and Co-Founder of
Frank Branch - Senior Manager of Ontology at Electronic Arts (EA)
Morgen Kimbrell - Content Architect Strategist at Intuit
Sean Bethune - Manager, Enterprise Information Architecture at Starbucks Coffee
Mike Doane - Semantics Practice Lead at [A]

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This Roundtable was organized by the Content Order, a free membership program hosted by [A]. The Content Order is open to anyone invested in the future of content.

As enterprise content publishers work towards intelligent customer experience and seamless interaction, we need to overhaul our content ecosystems. This involves massive changes across people, processes, and technology. The new order of content intelligence has been driven by educated leaders working hard to achieve a new way of working with content, enterprise knowledge, and customer experiences.

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