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CMS Evaluation & Selection

Choosing a CEM or CMS platform is an important decision for any business.

[A] offers a thorough and comprehensive CMS evaluation process to help business leaders choose the right CMS for their content and marketing needs. We also enjoy partner relationships with leading CMS providers, including SitecoreKentico and Ektron, to provide added support and expertise.

CMS Evaluation Services

  • Content analytics
  • User behavior analysis
  • Web personalization
  • Dynamic content optimization
  • Native mobile applications
  • Email and social network integration
  • Responsive web design support

The right CMS supports marketing, sales, recruiting, and other efforts, ensures the best customer experience, and skillfully manages cross-channel exposure, interactions, and transactions.

[A]'s CEM Evaluation & Selection Process Includes:

  • Comparison matrix
  • CMS showdown
  • Making the most of impartial references
  • Setting up a proof-of-concept
  • Knowing what to expect after selection

Getting Started

Download our Guide to CMS Platform Selection and learn how to choose the right CMS platform for your business, or contact [A] for help with selecting a CMS or running a comprehensive CMS comparison.