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Content Infrastructure

Platform integration is the first step in successful digital transformation.

Choosing a hosting environment and software option doesn't always come with the peace of mind of having applications available at a moment’s notice. [A]'s application engineers install, configure, and maintain our hosted servers and server clusters to ensure hardware, software and networks work together in harmony.

[A] provides both managed hosting and shared server clusters for customers. We suggest managed hosting for clients who want console-level access to their own server applications.

[A] partners with top infrastructure partners and manages all the details, including:

  • Data centers
  • Networks
  • Devices
  • Operating systems
  • Application infrastructure components
  • System support and troubleshooting

[A]'s goal is to provide content-driven platforms with a higher level of scalability, usability and cost-efficiency. [A]'s content engineers ensure data is protected and maintained in a safe environment, while providing access to shared licensing on powerful content-focused platforms.

Contact [A] and learn to enhance customer experience and deliver the most value and return from marketing platforms, content assets and investments.