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Kentico Agency Services

Partner with [A] to deliver Kentico client success

[A] combines the experience of senior technical engineers and content engineers to ensure our Agency clients get the most from the Kentico CMS. [A] is a Kentico Gold partner with more than 107K hours of development, 90+ engagements, and 40+ API integrations implementing Kentico’s advanced digital marketing, publishing, and customer experience features. We enable agencies to increase their revenue and expand their Kentico service offerings with little effort and no additional staff.

At [A], client relationships matter most. Our team of Kentico experts delivers dependable Kentico agency support, including installations, integrations, upgrades and hosting so Agency clients can focus on what they do best. [A] keeps our Kentico agency partners in the spotlight while we focus on the details.

Dependability and Anonymity 

[A] can work as a named partner or as a silent partner in the background. No matter the arrangement, we are able to seamlessly integrate our team with partners to deliver the Kentico support clients need, relieving the pressure on internal resources without compromising quality.

Our strategic partnerships are built on transparency and integrated collaboration, allowing agency partners and strategists to drive the vision for clients.  

[A] Distributed Team

[A]’s team of dedicated developers helps agencies manage large-scale Kentico installations, integrations, upgrades, and content marketing strategies of any size. Our agency partner process involves regular project updates, development, QA, budget, and other factors, to provide our agency partners the insights they need to deliver timely results to their clients.

An Integrated, Agile Development Lifecycle 

[A] practices an agile scrum approach using JIRA and other Atlassian tools for DevOps and adheres to an integrated agile development lifecycle.

Full-Cycle Project Phases

  • Sponsored Project 
  • People
    • Identify Stakeholders
    • Skill Profiles 
    • Build Teams
  • Planning
    • Discovery, Documentation, Strategy, Scope, Goals
  • Platform
    • Analysis, Selection, Integrations, Strategy, Decision
  • Content Engineering
    • Audit, Inventory, Modeling, Mapping, Reuse, Strategy, SEO
  • IA/UX
    • Wireframes,  User Experience, Navigation,  Templates, Widgets, QA, Strategy, SEO
  • Design 
    • Look and feel, Strategy, HTML/CSS, QA
  • Development
    • Iterative, Agile Scrum, Integration, QA, DevOps
  • Performance
    • Quality, UAT, Load, Security, Compliance, Standards, Accessibility
  • Release
    • Launch, Backing Identification, Strategy, QA, DevOps
  • Management 
    • Backing Development, Ad Hoc Maintenance, Proactive Maintenance, SEO  and Performance Maintenance, Strategy, QA, DevOps
  • Optimization
    • Analytics, User Behavior, Funnels, Conversion, Value Analysis 

Selected [A] DevOps Tools

Kentico Training

Agencies ready to expand their Kentico offerings turn to [A] for our depth of experience and flexible partnership relationships. We offer short and long-term Kentico agency training online supported with screen sharing and Q&A or onsite training at locations convenient to our clients. 

Our Kentico training can be easily customized to support digital marketers, content administrators, platform developers, project managers, or any digital marketing professionals. Learn more about [A]'s Kentico Training and Support.

Kentico Hosting

[A] offers secure, scalable Kentico hosting backed by an experienced team of Kentico developers who know what agencies need to support their clients. We also proactively monitor and manage our hosting environments to ensure each Kentico installation remains online and available.

Getting Started