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Kentico Cloud

Manage all your content in a cloud-based content hub and collaborate with your team with Kentico Cloud and [A].

Many vendors offer some sort of “cloud option” for hosting a CMS. However, agility and time are often lost by submitting requests to these vendors whenever an update or change is on the site is needed. 

Kentico Cloud solves this dilemma by serving as a true headless CMS, separating the content from the display. Users enjoy a centralized, cloud-based content hub that allows display of content on the web, in mobile apps, or on any device through an API. 

Kentico Cloud offers an always up-to-date CMS, high availability, security, and performance, allowing full focus on the content and on the development of websites or mobile applications using any programming language or code desired. 

Kentico Cloud Features

  • Avoid duplicating efforts with one centralized content repository
  • Import content from any source, including existing CMS, DAM, PIM, ERP, databases, or files
  • Export content to other systems or deliver it to sites and mobile apps through the API
  • Define content types with custom fields
  • Categorize content with taxonomies
  • Create content composed of multiple items and define relationships between content
  • Track individual visitors and build a complete picture of their activities
  • Identify customer segments
  • Personalize content and interactions with site visitors

Build Websites and Apps Without Limits 

Kentico Cloud’s REST API allows users to build independent websites or applications as desired, with any programming language, and preferred development tools. Kentico Cloud also uses a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) that makes both structured content and digital assets available anywhere in the world in no time.

Getting Started