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Kentico Upgrade and Migration

Kentico innovates rapidly. Stay up to date using Kentico upgrade and migration services from [A].

[A]’s certified Kentico developers have performed over 15 Kentico installations and upgrades, combining Kentico’s Upgrade Tool with our own depth of expertise. Together, they help us provide our clients with advanced digital marketing, publishing, and customer experience management features unique to the Kentico CMS.  

Kentico Migration

[A] helps large businesses and organizations seamlessly migrate large volumes of content from their existing platforms to the Kentico CMS. From disorganized database to clean content types and existing structures, our content engineers can structure and organize any content using Kentico’s powerful architecture and integration tools. 

Kentico Upgrades

[A]’s developers and engineers provide Kentico upgrades for our clients who need the latest features Kentico has to offer, and keep pace with stability and performance improvements. 

We begin with comprehensive audit of the current Kentico installation to determine which version of Kentico our clients need. [A] never recommends upgrading to a version that doesn’t align with a client’s goals or capabilities. However, we do encourage clients to pay attention to support agreements and ensure their current version is most aligned to their current needs.

[A] Proven Process

Each new version of Kentico comes with changes that may impact development. Our team of developers use a proven process to ensure that every Kentico upgrade is clean, stable and compatible with all current integrations. 

[A]’s developers start each upgrade with the support of the Kentico Upgrade Tool (KUT) to simplify and streamline the process. The KUT helps our developers identify the areas of code that need to be updated, and applies some changes automatically. We then manually run through each Kentico system, module, and integration to ensure that no changes have been missed.  

We run all upgrades in safe parallel test environments to troubleshoot any issues before taking any Kentico upgrade live. [A] gives our clients the peace of mind of knowing that their sites have been thoroughly tested to make sure every integration is working perfectly and delivering the best experience for their customers and marketing team. 

Kentico Support

[A] offers additional support to resolve any issues following a Kentico upgrade as well as training and support to help our clients take full advantage of their Kentico CMS. We also provide technical and strategic support online or onsite for any Kentico installation performed by us or another party. 

Getting Started