Mobile Application Development

Extend Customer Experience with Custom Mobile Apps

Although content evolves and requires complex interactions among different systems, such as CRM, ERP and CMS systems, mobile users need a seamless experience with content across all these sources.

Along with our CMS partners, [A] can create custom native mobile solutions that tailor customer experiences across all channels using Xamarin, a framework and toolset for writing native Android, iOS and Windows apps.

Both Xamarin and [A]'s preferred CMS and CEM platforms are based in .NET Framework to bridge gaps between systems and enable a unique, efficient and focused mobile solution.

APIs help deliver critical information in mobile applications

Focused Content for Mobile Users

[A] builds Custom Content APIs that bridge the gaps between CMS and CEM platforms including Sitecore and Kentico to provide focused content for mobile users. [A]'s highly-sophisticated content models help extend content strategy to mobile touchpoints and interactions. Everything ties back with secure, standards-based web services and our Custom Content API.

Benefits of native mobile applications

  • Task-focused user experience
  • Integration with device-specific capabilities such as geo-location and notifications
  • Harmonizing with other native applications in the device for a seamless experience
  • Brand visibility both in the device itself and in app stores
  • Ability to reach untapped customers in the ever-growing mobile market

Ask [A] about how to combine content strategy with native mobile applications living independently from dependent CMS, CRM or ERP systems.

What [A] Does Not Do:

The mobile development market is huge and expanding. Some applications are out of the scope of [A]'s special focus on content-rich, API-integrated mobile development services, including:

  • Games
  • Huge creative-centric apps
  • Single-function applications
  • Non-integrated applications working independently without any interaction with other CMS, CRM or ERP systems