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Sitecore Audit and Performance Tuning

Optimize the full power and performance of Sitecore with a comprehensive Sitecore audit and performance tuning from [A].

Many businesses and organizations leave Sitecore’s most powerful features virtually untapped. Other times, uptime and performance problems with Sitecore indicate structural issues exist. It’s time to get a plan.

When Sitecore is not working at its best, [A] can help map the problems and match with solutions, identify opportunities, and shine light on a path forward. Leaders know Sitecore has the power to meet their needs, but that has not yet translated internally. We need to audit the root causes and get recommendations.

Clients often request [A]’s Sitecore Audit and Performance Tuning for reasons such as:

  • An IT organization overwhelmed with other priorities
  • An internal lack of expertise and training past the basics
  • Internal developers lacking experience with the platform
  • The development team is unfamiliar with new Sitecore features 
  • The internal team has really strong technologists who are not content engineers
  • A previous integrator did poor, incomplete, or sloppy work
  • Business stakeholders are demanding more than internal resources can do
  • Lack of available, organized, and effective Sitecore talent

Why Clients Choose [A]

[A] helps organizations unlock the full power and potential of the Sitecore platform with a detailed Sitecore assessment and performance tuning analysis specific to each of our client’s unique needs, goals, and resources. The recommendations resulting are unique and tailored to specific circumstances.

Clients report an audit from [A] delivers detailed, actionable, relevant insights that ultimately pay for themselves in uptime, stability, efficiency, and improved utility across the Sitecore platform and the systems it touches.

The Sitecore Audit            

No two organizations use Sitecore exactly the same way. [A]’s team of developers, engineers, and marketers begin each audit with an in-depth analysis our client’s needs. This includes how Sitecore is currently being used, as well as how the client plans to use it in the future. Following this initial analysis, [A] performs a deep-dive into each Sitecore implementation to assess the following Sitecore performance measures:

Sitecore Environment

[A]’s engineers review the server and network architecture of each Sitecore implementation to discover any issues and areas of improvement. Our goal is to ensure that each site achieves the best level of performance, availability, and disaster recovery possible. We also offer recommendations for improving architecture, load balancing, network infrastructure, disaster recovery, and content delivery network usage.

Engineering Content Efficiency with Sitecore

[A]’s Sitecore and content engineers spend time understanding the nature of content and how it is expressed in data templates. We often see situations in which hundreds of data templates are employed to accomplish the same business goals that could be more efficiently accomplished with less than 20 templates. Reducing unnecessary templates eliminates errors, improves authoring efficiency, and ultimately makes it easier to reuse and target content assets across channels and audience segments.

Code Quality for Sitecore

Our Sitecore audit also includes a detailed analysis of the Sitecore and ASP.NET code to assess if all best practices are being followed and ensure the highest code quality and performance. Our developers review the code in each Sitecore implementation both manually and through automated tools to catch any quality issues.

Integration with Sitecore

Third-party integrations can seriously impact the performance and stability of a Sitecore implementation. Our audit includes an analysis of every Sitecore integration to identity architecture, stability, and performance issues that can be slowing down or breaking essential functions within the site.

Sitecore Performance

Poor performance issues with a Sitecore implementation can impact core metrics and hinder businesses and organizations from achieving the most modest marketing goals. The [A] Sitecore audit also includes running a full diagnostic of Sitecore installation to identify poor performance issues, including file compression, image sizes, many layers of caching, and many other factors.

Optional Custom Measures

As optional scope to the audit, [A] can also audit factors such as Sitecore-related security, EXM performance, content workflow and governance in Sitecore, mobile application integration architecture and stability, content syndication and CDN analysis, a deep-dive on Document Asset Management (DAM), chatbots integrations, content API provisioning, and other specialized factors that impact the content publishing lifecycle. Work on these definitions with the [A] team to determine which might best fit.

The Sitecore Audit Report

[A]’s Sitecore audit team creates reports for clients that are not only comprehensive and detailed, but are also prioritized from most to least critical issues based on how they impact each of the client’s goals. [A] also provides specific, actionable steps to help clients fully optimize each Sitecore implementation and reach marketing goals.

Getting Started

Contact [A] and request a Sitecore Performance Audit, and start making the most of Sitecore today.