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Sitecore Case Studies

[A] has successfully completed more than 70 engagements for Sitecore clients, including implementation, upgrades, development, and training  

From simple upgrades and installations, to extensive marketing strategies and training, [A] has delivered support for a wide variety of Sitecore clients, including B2B, government agencies, healthcare networks, and associations. Here are just a few brief Sitecore case studies.

Global Nonprofit Organization

[A] is currently engaged running a Sitecore implementation for a global, nonprofit membership organization of educational institutions, businesses, and other entities.  

  • Application Development: Application development of the organization’s website. 
  • Multisite: New and extended properties were built within the organization’s existing Sitecore multi-site instance.
  • Faceted search: A faceted search which helps potential students match schools that meet their profiles and educational objectives. 
  • Partnership: Building on the success of the performance of the organization’s site, [A] continues to partner with the client on new development initiatives.

International Telecommunications Company 

The [A] team fully implemented Sitecore for this private, international telecommunications company that provides enterprise level audio and videoconferencing solutions. This global B2B marketing initiative included the following:

  • Multisite: Multiple domains for template based landing pages.
  • Multiple languages: Six primary target languages in separate localized sites, all sharing a common content repository.
  • Integration with Salesforce. 
  • Integration with Eloqua: Both appending member data in Sitecore from and syncing contacts to Eloqua seamlessly.
  • Web Forms for Marketers: [A] enabling marketers to assemble landing pages on the fly with various form configurations which automatically tied back to both Salesforce and Eloqua integration points.

U.S. Government Agency

[A] served as the primary Sitecore development arm for an independent government agency, building out a large-scale technical content strategy for their nationwide network of highly technical facilities. This non-profit initiative included the following:

  •  Implementation: [A] architected the solution, performed an extensive technical content strategy, developed custom functionality supporting special features, and performed and guided the QA process with multiple government, client, and agency stakeholders.
  • Technical Specifications: [A] built comprehensive technical specifications for Sitecore and performed content analysis supporting the information architecture and wireframes.
  • Taxonomy Development: [A] envisioned and developed a large ontology covering an extensible set of taxonomies meant to unify all current and future facilities with related content types.
  • CSS, Training, Deployment, and Staging: [A] built CSS for accessibility and cross-browser compatibility, provided training, and deployed the solution in development, staging, and production environments.
  • Communication: [A] managed all the communication with IT key personnel for a smooth transition after the deployment. 

IT Management Solutions Provider

[A] was brought in by an agency partner to implement a new website redesign on Sitecore for an enterprise IT management solutions provider. This B2B marketing initiative included the following:

  • Sitecore Upgrade: The client sought to revamp their existing website to better support their mission of helping organizations efficiently manage and secure IT services.
  • Sitecore Training: [A] provided training and support to the client’s offshore technical and project management teams who were unfamiliar with Sitecore’s technical requirements.
  • Leveraged Existing Assets: [A] came in through our agency partner and got to work using the client’s existing data templates, content, and redesign markup.
  • Worked with Existing Sitecore Objects: [A] built a new layout and other presentation components to make the new design work with the existing objects in Sitecore.
  • Smooth Hand Off: Projects were smoothly handed to internal teams via team training sessions.
  • Internal Success: Today, the business’ revamped website supports clients and services, and the offshore team better understands Sitecore technicalities and manages code changes as needed.  

U.S. Government Agency

The [A] team worked with an agency partner on a discovery and engagement strategic planning project for a large U.S. government agency. This government marketing initiative included the following:

  • Sitecore Development: [A] performed a Sitecore upgrade and implemented a modern responsive design delivered within a best-practice Sitecore implementation. 
  • Multi-Format Marketing: [A] recommended an adaptive print studio to generate multi-format marketing collateral (web, newsletter, brochure, etc.) from centrally managed Sitecore content.
  • Lead Nurturing and Analytics: [A] leveraged Sitecore’s lead nurturing, engagement automation, sales intelligence, and lead alerting functionality and integrated Sitecore's Engagement Analytics.
  • Strategy and Roadmap: [A] delivered a multi-phased roadmap built on Sitecore’s out-of-the-box features giving the client a competitive website that showcases their differentiators, highlights their partnerships, presents a modern user experience, and increases awareness and leads.

Note: Named references are available upon direct request.

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