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Sitecore Implementation

Build an omnichannel content marketing platform with [A]’s experienced team of Sitecore developers, content strategists, and content engineers.

A successful Sitecore implementation is built on a strong content structure that enables many channels and modes of publication, ensuring the success of future digital marketing strategies and customer experience operations.

[A]’s Sitecore team has performed more than 70 Sitecore implementations using a proven and trusted implementation process and best practices to leverage Sitecore's advanced digital marketing, publishing, and customer experience management features.

[A]'s Sitecore Implementation Team

It takes more than a skilled group of developers to achieve a truly future-ready, multichannel implementation and unlock the full marketing potential of the Sitecore Experience Platform. The [A] Sitecore team is made up of professionals in various roles, including developers, content strategists, and content engineers. Engineering content matters.


At the core of the [A] Sitecore team are [A]gents who focus on development, the Sitecore architects, and programmers who make the technology work with strategy. Our certified Sitecore developers and engineers have performed Sitecore implementations, upgrades, integrations, audits, and enhancements for businesses and organizations of all sizes and needs. This breadth of experience allows the team to fully customize each implementation to the current needs and future plans of each individual client.

Content Strategists

A content marketing program with great content assets is only as effective as the strategy behind it. [A]’s content strategists and other industry-leading content strategy partners work with each client to take full advantage of Sitecore’s extensive content marketing capabilities and help marketers reach ambitious goals in the most complex environments.

Content Engineers

Content engineers structure content into logical components to enable true content reuse across target channels and formats. Content no longer lives on “websites,” it exists in many customer experiences simultaneously.

[A] content engineers work closely with strategists and developers to maximize the reusability and ROI of our clients’ content assets. [A] architects structured, intelligent content into every content type [A]gents touch, working towards the goal of seamless, single-sourced content delivered to multiple channels and variants.

[A] Sitecore Implementation Process

1. Define

[A] works with closely with clients to analyze digital strategies and requirements, as well as the current content management environment. We scope each Sitecore environment for high security, performance, and scalability, and work with our clients to create a plan for successful project roll-outs.

2. Design and Development Sprints

Our Sitecore team develops procedures to keep clients’ Sitecore implementations running smoothly and to meet timelines. We break the design and development process into sprints, allowing us to discover issues early on and eliminate unnecessary steps and costs down the line.

During each sprint, we closely collaborate with our clients and all resource disciplines to plan, develop, and deliver iterative components of working software that meet a defined set of acceptance criteria. This ensures a high degree of transparency, visibility and partnership at all levels. The outcomes are high-quality deliverables that achieve key business goals tightly aligned with stakeholder expectations.

Sprint Activities

3. Migration

Content migration can be complicated and lengthy and create downtime and lost ROI if not done properly. [A]’s Sitecore team works with our clients to build a roadmap for migrating content from their old systems to Sitecore as quickly, efficiently, and error-free as possible.

4. Testing

[A]’s team of developers puts each Sitecore implementation through a rigorous and methodical QA and testing process before any website goes live. Our careful testing process includes both backend functionality and user testing to expose any issues and resolve them quickly.

[A]’s test strategy for a Sitecore implementation focuses on ensuring that all capabilities of the website are properly implemented and clients' goals and intended objectives of the site are successfully achieved. We also evaluate the ability of content authors to properly manage and publish content in Sitecore.

Testing is done in close collaboration with development during each sprint iteration. Our QA professionals work iteratively in partnership with our clients to define acceptance criteria for each deliverable. We execute test cases against new feature development each sprint and iteratively run regression tests all along the path of the project using a combination of manual and automated testing methodologies/techniques. This ensures that all pieces work together on an ongoing scale and that issues are caught early. We do not do one final pass of end-to-end regression testing, but rather work this into our overall ongoing process.

5. Deployment

Since no two businesses or organizations have the same teams, resources, and infrastructure, [A] customizes deployments for each client depending on their capabilities and degree to which they want to be involved. We also work closely with each client team to ensure that the details of the deployment are fully understood to minimize user or developer errors.

6. Support

Our Sitecore team proactively monitors, alerts, and manages each implementation so our clients’ technical and marketing teams can focus on more important things. We also offer multiple levels of Sitecore support and training for clients who want to expand the capabilities of their teams.

Getting Started

Contact [A] today to learn how to enhance customer experience and deliver the most value and return from content marketing platforms, content assets, and investments with Sitecore.