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Sitecore Marketing Solutions

Transform Sitecore CMS into a full-blown multichannel customer experience platform with Sitecore marketing solutions from [A].

Far more than just a solid CMS, your Sitecore license also includes all the tools needed to make it a complete multichannel customer experience management platform. In the right hands, Sitecore delivers powerful integrated marketing solutions to businesses and organizations at any scale.

Sitecore Marketing and Automation

Combined with Sitecore xDB, Sitecore XP allows organizations to realize the full power of marketing engagement automation.

Real-Time User Data and Analytics

Sitecore provides granular, real-time data to help identify valuable leads. Customer mapping and customized reports give sales teams the tools they need to track customer behavior and nurture leads.

Goal and Campaign Management

Sitecore offers robust campaign management and allows users to measure the value of visits, track goal conversions, and accurately assess campaign ROIs.

Multivariate Testing

Sitecore’s real-time multivariate testing allows users to measure the value of content and then optimize campaigns quickly and efficiently to increase conversions.


Sitecore allows marketers to deliver users personalized experiences based on multiple variables, including behavior, location, search terms, and more. Target audiences can be mapped to content profiles and personas to help discover patterns of user behavior for optimal personalization.

Email Marketing

Sitecore allows users to manage email and web content in a single system for fully-integrated email marketing. Subscribers can receive personalized content that can be tracked as a separate campaign using Sitecore’s robust personalization features.

Lead Generation

Create web forms for campaign landing pages quickly and easily with Sitecore’s custom web forms. Collect just the user data relevant to each campaign and use it to create personalized user experiences throughout the site.

Customer Engagement Plans

Sitecore offers predefined conditional communication to automate the process of engaging with customers and enable targeted, personalized messaging across the site and in all email communications.

Why clients choose [A]

[A] clients tend to be large, content-rich enterprises that have knowledge at the core of their market value and presence. [A] works to connect all those knowledge assets to customer touch points across marketing and operations using Sitecore’s flexible structure and advanced features.

Understanding, organizing, valuing, and reusing content delivers complex multi-channel CEM implementations that generate results far beyond standard Sitecore CMS support, custom development, managed infrastructure services, analytics, and training offered by traditional technology integrators.

[A]'s Sitecore practice brings together the experience of senior technical engineers with content engineers to ensure clients with massive content sets and diverse marketing goals get the most from the Sitecore platform.

[A] helps marketers take control of content and marketing automation.

Dealing With Content Explosion or Inundation? Many clients look to [A] for help with:

  • Updating an existing CMS with a new platform able to respond to and deliver content across multiple channels and device types
  • Unifying, governing, and standardizing tens, if not hundreds, of disparate web properties
  • Building the workflows and structure needed to create once and publish everywhere
  • Demonstrating ROI on content investments

Seeking Digital Maturity and Marketing Automation? Many clients look to [A] for help with:

  • Understanding user journeys, analyzing data and testing marketing campaigns
  • Converting online prospects into customers
  • Delivering a competitive user experience including personalized content and automated marketing
  • Demonstrating ROI of marketing efforts
  • Building context within the CMS to deliver on businesses goals

[A]’s skilled developers, engineers and marketers have deep experience implementing Sitecore’s most advanced applications, tools and features to help digital marketers, including:

  • Segmentation and personalization   
  • Experience automation    
  • Testing and optimization  
  • Analytics and the 360-degree customer view    
  • Ontology management
  • Mobile integration
  • Semantic search
  • Custom author experiences
  • Mobile application integration with Xamarin 
  • Content management and governance
  • Content translations and transformations
  • Content API provisioning
  • Commerce

Learn more about [A]'s specializations: