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[A] Client Industries

Organizations partner with [A] to simplify complex content management, build a bridge to the future, and uncover hidden content assets.

No matter the industry, organizations are inundated with content, and content owners are spending too much time trying to update, maintain, and manage multiple content versions. [A]’s strategic digital marketing services span a wide range of enterprise operations, including:

Across industries, common client pains include:

  • Numerous content silos
  • Duplicate content
  • Lack of content reuse
  • Inability to demonstrate ROI
  • Outgrown the old CMS
  • Content explosion or inundation
  • Need for marketing to stay competitive and efficient
  • Poor or non-existent marketing automation
  • Poor satisfaction with current provider / seeking integrator support

In short, content publishing and digital marketing are immature, broken, or fragmented, and efforts are being duplicated. [A] offers a better way.

Associations & Nonprofits

[A] serves national non-profit organizations that require structured content to orchestrate personalized experiences for donors, volunteers, board members, government, media, and other stakeholders. These organizations, often dedicated to major societal social causes or issues advocacy, depend on [A]’s unique expertise in engineering content to reach multichannel audiences and achieve social and community goals.

National association clients [A] serves include trade groups, sporting governing bodies, advocacy groups, accrediting bodies, and educational entities.

Learn more about industry-leading strategies, tools, and support for your digital marketing initiatives:


Structured content is key to global marketing efforts localized across potentially dozens, or even hundreds, of local and partner channels. [A]Ⓡ  works both as a strategic provider and integrator serving across multinational marketing efforts, where structured content plays a critical role in executing corporate go-to-market strategy.

  • IT Management Solutions Provider

  • [A] was brought in by an agency partner to implement a new website redesign on Sitecore for an enterprise IT management solutions provider. This B2B marketing initiative included the following:

    Sitecore Upgrade: The client sought to revamp their existing website to better support their mission of helping organizations efficiently manage and secure IT services.

    Sitecore Training: [A] provided training and support to the client’s offshore technical and project management teams who were unfamiliar with Sitecore’s technical requirements.

    Leveraged Existing Assets: [A] came in through our agency partner and got to work using the client’s existing data templates, content, and redesign markup.

    Worked with Existing Sitecore Objects: [A] built a new layout and other presentation components to make the new design work with the existing objects in Sitecore.

    Smooth Hand Off: Projects were smoothly handed to internal teams via team training sessions.
    Internal Success: Today, the business’ revamped website supports clients and services, and the offshore team better understands Sitecore technicalities and manages code changes as needed.  


[A] partners and works with federal, state, county, and city- level government entities, including federal agencies, a presidential library, state agencies, county and local government services, and public utilities. Get started by downloading the "Digital Maturity for Organizations” executive brief

  • U.S. Government Agency

  • The [A] team worked with an agency partner on a discovery and engagement strategic planning project for a large U.S. government agency. This government marketing initiative included the following:
  • Sitecore Development: [A] performed a Sitecore upgrade and implemented a modern responsive design delivered within a best-practice Sitecore implementation. 
  • Multi-Format Marketing: [A] recommended an adaptive print studio to generate multi-format marketing collateral (web, newsletter, brochure, etc.) from centrally managed Sitecore content.
  • Lead Nurturing and Analytics: [A] leveraged Sitecore’s lead nurturing, engagement automation, sales intelligence, and lead alerting functionality and integrated Sitecore's Engagement Analytics.
  • Strategy and Roadmap: [A] delivered a multi-phased roadmap built on Sitecore’s out-of-the-box features giving the client a competitive website that showcases their differentiators, highlights their partnerships, presents a modern user experience, and increases awareness and leads.


[A]  works with several large healthcare institutions providing health care and support to hundreds of thousands of patients, doctors, and healthcare providers on state, national, and international levels, and representing thousands of doctors and care providers as well.  Work in the space includes handling PHI as a HIPAA Business Associate.

  • Read a Healthcare Case Study - describing how a highly-respected healthcare network with more than 150 sites of services and 1 million patients worked with [A] to unify hundreds of sites into a single, streamlined customer experience, while transforming digital operations.


  [A] helps education clients reach, engage, and retain students, and serves public and private universities and institutions of public learning. [A] has worked at the university-wide level, and also for a highly-ranked business school. [A] has also engaged State-level private-public education partnerships and been brought into strategic partnerships with educational advocacy groups, a teacher’s association, and a public library.

Global Nonprofit Organization of Educational Institutions

[A] is currently engaged running a Sitecore implementation for a global, nonprofit membership organization of educational institutions, businesses, and other entities.

  • Application Development: Application development of the organization’s website.
  • Multisite: New and extended properties were built within the organization’s existing Sitecore multi-site instance.
  • Faceted search: A faceted search which helps potential students match schools that meet their profiles and educational objectives.
  • Partnership: Building on the success of the performance of the organization’s site, [A] continues to partner with the client on new development initiatives.


[A] energy clients include oil companies, gasoline retailers, a public utility commission, an electric cooperative, a water rights marketplace, and others involved in the production, transmission, and resale of energy in various forms.

Financial Services 

[A] works on a local and national level with providers of consumer financial services and sponsors of private investment funds. Structured content facilitates the sale of financial services and instruments, and allows for seamless management of money and secure information across desktop and mobile applications.


[A] helps publishing clients manage and reuse content at scale and has worked both nationally and internationally helping publishing companies to better structure content,  improve understanding of  content assets, establish editorial processes for content intelligence, realize return on investment, and design strategic engagements to provide a higher value return on content assets. Learn more about the value of content reuse.


[A] works with government and educational scientific institutions to more efficiently mine and reuse their data-rich content. [A]’s science clients include federal science agency and one of the world’s largest international science education associations.


[A] has played a strategic and advisory role working across a number of other industries, including entertainment, travel, and business-to-consumer properties. These engagements have centered around digital strategy, content engineering, and multichannel content asset reuse.