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[A] 2022 Resource Guide:

Adopting Intelligent Customer Experiences in your Organization

Our mission at [A] is to help organizations become smarter.

[A] designs and orchestrates intelligent organizational frameworks and content models that unify the people, processes, and technology for personalized omnichannel real-time Intelligent Customer Experiences.

In this 2022 Intelligent Customer Experiences Resource Guide, we consolidate the most important trends, knowledge, developments, and changes in the dynamic Intelligent Content-driven Customer Experiences landscape.

Recap - What are Intelligent Customer Experiences?

Many organizations are transforming their values and structures towards a Customer-Centered mindset. They are also adopting new technologies to optimize Customer Experiences in a fiercely competitive world where earning and maintaining customer loyalty is a must.

Many organizations are still struggling to find a path towards what [A] calls Intelligent Customer Experiences, which are personalized, contextual, real-time, omnichannel and driven by Intelligent Content and Technology.

The foundations of Intelligent Customer Experiences are the Customer, Content and Context

The Next Generation of Intelligent Customer Experiences

Discover how intelligent content is transforming the future of customer experience, with innovative examples.

Delivering Intelligent Customer Experiences through Content-as-a-Service

Digital content is constantly evolving, and enterprises must adapt with it or be left behind. Learn with [A] how to utilize modular content organization to create dynamic and intelligent customer experiences.

Harnessing the Power of Content Intelligence to Create Better User Experiences

Discover specific methods teams deploy to achieve UX and CX goals.

Knowledge Management & Enterprise Data - Maximizing your assets

To deliver Intelligent Customer Experiences, teams need Intelligent Content. In a nutshell this is content that is enriched with metadata and semantics. It is also  modular and flexible, prepped to be delivered in automated and AI-assisted ways to provide personalized, contextual, omnichannel Customer Experiences.

Many of our  clients have had difficulty establishing the mindset to move beyond siloed workflows. They are also initially underutilizing massive enterprise data (of great potential value) to create Intelligent Content.

To create intelligent customer experiences, [A] helps enterprises set up a better organizational framework and orient teams around the principles of Intelligent Content and Intelligent Customer Experience.

[A] has published a Whitepaper and several articles that highlight the connectivity of Knowledge Management and Intelligent Customer Experience

Creating an Effective Knowledge Management System

See a before and after scenario in which Knowledge Management practices bring tangible benefits.

Achieving Smarter Knowledge Management through Intelligent Content

Discover with [A] how enterprises are harnessing new knowledge management practices to express their “reason for being”, and proving their added value to the marketplace.

Trends Towards More Accessible Knowledge Management

At [A] we see three main trends driving progress in Knowledge Management strategies: Intelligent Content, Semantic Services, and Content-as-a-Service (CaaS).

Models for Content & Semantics - the Foundation for Intelligent Content
Intelligent Content and Intelligent Customer Experiences are created, engineered with purpose and design. [A] has developed a comprehensive,  tested design for Content Intelligence with a  foundation based on  two Core Models: In line with our educational mission, we have published these articles about some of the key ingredients in the Core Models.

[A] Guide to Core Semantic Model

The solution to content discovery and dynamic delivery is found in semantics, the study of meaning. Discover how the Core Semantic Model empowers organizations with intelligent content experiences.

Content Modeling Resource Guide

Curated resources from the [A] Treasury focused on Content Modeling. See slides highlighting key terms and ideas. Better understand how Content Modeling fits into the evolving omnichannel publishing and search ecosystem with this resource guide.

Creating Context through Content Structure and Semantics

Content becomes intelligent, flexible, and capable of scalable personalization through structure and semantics.

What Is Website Taxonomy and Metadata?

Website taxonomy and metadata work to keep content adaptable, customizable and easy to distribute, giving it power over static content.

Semantic Systems for Customer Experience Publishing

The [A] team lays out the benefits of dedicated semantic practices and describe where your organization or team can start this process

Content Across Channels: Tips & Tricks for Modeling Modular Customer Experiences

Master the process of modeling modular customer experiences. Bring your questions, and hear lessons learned from actual in-flight internal projects to achieve your own CX success.

Implementing the Models - A Smarter Organizational Content Framework
[A] has conceptualized a well-developed organizational structure around which enterprises can implement a content model and integrate it into their daily operations. This ensures that you can realize the creation of Intelligent Content and Intelligent Customer Experiences.

A complete overview of the organizational framework [A] has developed is explained in this ground-breaking video series, the Invisible World of Content.

A component of the organizational framework that [A] proposes is the Content Services Organization (CSO).

The Content Services Organization is a cross-functional content-oriented team that works to centralize the models, standards, and practices that inform how content is acquired, produced, managed, and delivered across an organization. It has three core disciplines: Content Strategy, Content Engineering, and Content Operations.

Learn more about the importance of the Content Services Organization for enterprises in these content assets:

Introducing the Content Services Organization (CSO)

Explore the pivotal role and functions of the Content Services Organization

What is a Content Services Organization?

Discover the new organizational model that supports content intelligence by incorporating Content Strategy, Content Engineering, and Content Operations practices within an overall Content Services Organization (CSO).

The Content Services Organization: Powering the Information-Enabled Enterprise

Discover how content from different groups becomes an integrated whole, and evolves from ad hoc, functional interactions to real, holistic relationships with a CSO in place.

Exploring the Practice of Content Operations
As [A] introduced the concept of the Content Services Organization, we have published a series of articles diving deeper into one of the crucial functions of the Content Services Organization: Content Operations.

Many organizations are struggling to create intelligent content as they still work in isolated departmental silos with limited communication or coordination between them. This creates a content creation nightmare of manual copy/paste work, content assets duplication, content assets living in numerous formats and people just being unaware of what content and knowledge exists within an organization due to its poor findability.
One of the most important aspects of what we consider to be our mission, is to assist organizations in creating more efficient workflows and organizational frameworks for content creation, publishing, and simply avoiding this content nightmare.

Content operations are at the core of how organizations can move beyond manual content replication and duplication within siloes, towards Intelligent Content Practices.

If you identify with these issues, here is a “must-read” list of assets that will prepare you to move through 2022 more effortlessly.

A Playbook for the Future of Content Creation

Learn with [A] about the playbooks necessary to create personalized content.

Managing Content is a Team Sport

Smart teams are actively implementing an organizational structure to achieve successful omnichannel delivery and relevance for content across multiple consumer types and contexts in today’s market.

Cost Savings from Governance and Content Operations

A lack of content governance can create staggering costs that silently grow over time.

How Does Content Operations Prevent Wasted Time and Reduce Costs?

Discover the many benefits of adopting Content Operations in your organization and learn how to start on the road to structured processes that enable optimal management of the content supply chain.

7 Ways to Avoid the Biggest Failures in Content Operations

When Content Operations are done right, you can help teams avoid frustration, fines, and failure

The Hidden Information Security Killers Hiding in Content, Metadata, and Operations

Learn about the hidden killers of information security to avoid systemic issues that can sabotage security practices surrounding content.

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