Composable Content Spreadsheet Template

Composable Content Spreadsheet Template

Use this sample content model created in a spreadsheet to kick-start working with composable content tokens in your designs. Combine with the RealContent Figma plugin to bring your compostable content to life in Figma with drag-and-drop simplicity. It’s free to use forever with the spreadsheet.

Easily add, edit, and reuse content tokens as you iterate on designs. Get up and running fast by using this template as a starter model. It includes common UI elements like title, description, body copy, images, publish date, and more!

Customize the content and mappings to fit your design system. Add rows for new components and delete ones you don’t need.

The spreadsheet can be used as a stand-alone tool but it also integrates with the free Figma plugin: RealContent!

Start experimenting with composable content and working with content tokens today! Managing interface copy doesn’t have to be messy or disjointed. With this handy spreadsheet template, you can organize all UI text elements in one centralized source of truth that integrates with your designs. 

Take the first step towards consistent, reusable content models by using this file in your next Figma project.

Watch this video tutorial to understand how to use the material and get the most out of it

Note: Make sure to upload the spreadsheet to your Google Drive after downloading so you can access and edit it seamlessly. This will prevent any formatting or content issues from arising.

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