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Cruce Saunders

Founder and principal at [A], Cruce Saunders and the [A] team work with the largest and most complex enterprise content publishers on Earth crafting the next generation of the content supply chains and publishing architecture that powers personalized customer experiences.

He is the author of Content Engineering for a Multi-Channel World, and regularly speaks on omnichannel customer experience, content intelligence, AI, chatbots, personalization, content structural and semantic standards, and intelligence transformation.

Cruce also hosts the Towards a Smarter World podcast, where he connects with leaders impacting global intelligence.


If you want to understand the ins and outs of effective content strategy, then you go to someone who works with some of the largest organizations.

Learn how the Master Content Model® delivers the framework to future-proof content across an ever-evolving content ecosystem.

A panel of 9 thought leaders shares fresh insights on the current and future state of content models and related topics.

Hear the discussion on expressing and making structural models portable and interoperable.

Learn how to prove the value of content as an asset and improve content ROI with a 3-step content valuation process.

The content model can streamline content creation, enable better team collaboration, and create consistent and reliable customer experiences. Part one of the Content Modeling Roundtable series covers facets of the current and future state. 

In this roundtable, leading practitioners dive into content modeling process and tooling, and navigate through terminology definitions. Driven by engineers and strategists, this roundtable will inspire the technical and the strategic alike.

Learn how ICX forms adaptive relationships by listening to customer data and responding with contextually-relevant content.

With new content channels constantly evolving, the path to reaching customers continues to become more complex. Learn from leaders of enterprise teams tackling the strategies and operations that make personalized content possible.

This roundtable features titans of enterprise publishing highlighting the forward edge of omnichannel content programs.

Join our panel of content experts to discover the necessity of moving towards a goal-oriented, omnichannel customer journey. Learn how to diagnose and repair pain points in your organization’s customer experience, and hear career advice from professionals on how to thrive in the content industry.

Digital content is constantly evolving, and enterprises must adapt with it or be left behind. Learn with [A] how to utilize modular content organization to create dynamic and intelligent customer experiences.

Harvest enterprise insights from this wide-ranging interview covering the real value of content, the practice of content engineering, how to deliver intelligent customer experiences, capitalizing on Content-as-a-Service, and the crucial functions of a Content Services Organization.

Join [A]’s Founder and Principal, Cruce Saunders, as he answers questions on Information Architecture. In this written interview, we explore the impact of information architecture practices and how they connect to the larger Intelligent Content ecosystem.

Smart teams are actively implementing an organizational structure to achieve successful omnichannel delivery and relevance for content across multiple consumer types and contexts in today’s market.

Content optimized for machine consumption has far more value for human consumers.

Discover how content from different groups becomes an integrated whole, and evolves from ad hoc, functional interactions to real, holistic relationships with a CSO in place.

Learn about the hidden killers of information security to avoid systemic issues that can sabotage security practices surrounding content.

Explore the untapped value within content assets. In this transcribed interview, [A] founder and principal looks at content as an asset with hosts of the Acrolinx Content Insiders podcast.