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In this informative whitepaper, the content engineers at [A] share detailed insights into the steps needed to construct a Master Content Model™ that can be applied to any complex content ecosystem.


If you want to understand the ins and outs of effective content strategy, then you go to someone who works with some of the largest organizations.
The dynamics of content creation and supply chains are literally shifting under our feet. This column features insights about managing omnichannel content.
Scott Abel and Cruce Saunders discuss strategies for designing and managing an intelligent content ecosystem for the current digital landscape.


Intelligent Content Supply Chains

Adolfo Hernandez, CEO of SDL, talks on the emerging use of machine learning, machine linguistics, and AI in this hyper-growth...

Bridging Silos with Unified Content Portals

Jim Edmunds, CEO of Ingeniux, discusses key forces in bridging silos, providing adaptive CX, and improving digital authoring...

Content Strategy Roles and Landscape

Hilary Marsh of Content Company talks about the roles of content strategists and how the landscape is changing, and gives...

Creating Content Ecosystems

LavaCon founder Jack Molisani talks content strategy and how to future-proof content assets.


In this workshop, Alan Porter will provide insights into how he approached redesigns for some of the most complex content ecosystems using content strategy and content engineering.
Anna Lively to present on content intelligence at the Learning Solutions Conference on March 27, 2019.
Alan J. Porter to lead the “Intro to Content Engineering” session at the STC Houston Mini-Conference on February 16 in Brenham, Texas.
Alan Porter will highlight a few examples of the impact of a “culture of assumption” and provide some practical tips on how to switch to a customer-focused mindset.
[A] to jointly present a 2-part workshop on modernizing technical resource center content at Information Development World 2018.