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Digital Content Management

Quartz reports 76% of digital marketers believe marketing has changed more in the past two years than it has in the last five decades. Has your CMS kept up? 

In our AI-driven world, 20% of large-scale, content-driven organizations without intelligent content practices will face disruption. These organizations will require intelligent content management and correctly engineered CEM platforms to avoid this upheaval. 

Well-structured digital content management facilitates content intelligence and delivers frictionless customer experience and exponential return on investment regardless of channel or device. Avoid disruption and future proof content by creating an elegantly designed, single-source repository of intelligent content to meet customers on all basic levels, personas, locations, demographics, readiness to buy, interests, browsing history, habits, and devices. 

[A]'s Intelligent Content Services Include:

Content Asset Management Readiness

According to Oracle 80% of marketing leaders plan to use chatbots and/or AI by 2020. Intelligent content management systems rest on the design of elegant single-source content management systems and repositories that allow marketers to power CMS-driven chatbots and AI-driven interactions.

When engineered correctly intelligent content systems reach far beyond traditional boundaries of content delivery and personalization. By single-source, we mean “single model” — not necessarily a single system of record. [A] helps align systems to common schemas. In doing so we can ensure content reuse across all channels and devices including chatbots, personal assistants, and other voice-driven and interactive devices and platforms.  

Note these essential questions:

  • Does our content meet and reach the most meaningful customers and segments?
  • Can we target content by demographics, readiness to buy, interests, browsing history, habits, and devices?
  • Are our customer’s preferred communication channels, such as chatbots, voice, personal assistants, online search or FAQs defined and is our content structured to deliver? 
  • Are content, product or services personalized to meet user needs?
  • Is our content repurposed, reused, atomic, and does it appear concurrently in multiple channels and applications?
  • Do we understand the value of our content assets?
  • De we accurately measure the ROI of content reuse?
  • Do we manage and optimize our portfolio of content assets with an investor's mindset?
  • Is our organization’s digital content experience and automated marketing approach on par with the most forward-thinking technologically-empowered brands online?

Content Asset Management for an AI-Driven World:

Content Technology Selection, Planning and Development — Lay the foundation for the development of marketing automation, intelligent search, customer journey mapping, and multichannel delivery. Optimize content technology systems to support complex content ecosystems involving thousands of content assets spanning numerous content properties. [A] provides large scale CMS implementation, integration, migration, and ongoing support services. 

CMS-Driven Chatbot Enablement and Voice-driven and Interactive Content Delivery — Speed, automation and ease-of-use are making chatbots and voice assistants of among the fastest growing user channels. Leverage existing content repositories to power chatbots, answer user questions, drive engagement, automate troubleshooting tasks, and address customer service inquiries seamlessly from within an established content ecosystem. 

Content Experience Architecture — Reduce inaccuracy and empower content to change and adapt to meet users on all basic levels. [A] mines content assets for context and structure to fully represent organizational knowledge. Tagging, modeling and structuring content allows content to be understood, enriched, indicated, consumed, and reused.

Content Asset Optimization — Ensure users encounter accurate content at every digital touchpoint. [A] plans and assists in content management, delivery, CMS selection, and display. We also help protect the quality, accuracy and consistency of content, minimize authoring effort, and simplify and streamline publishing.

Content ROI Analysis, Asset Valuation and Management — Content has provable content value. Put systems in place to measure content ROI and enable content asset management for capital investment and balance sheet inclusion. [A] puts practices in place to manage content asset portfolios designed to optimize return on investment and provide incentive systems for authors and editors.

Content Reuse Planning — All ROI for content ultimately comes from customer engagement born of impressions. Impressions happen when content gets to a human or a robot. With content reuse, our goal is to grow impressions and reduce the cost per impression (CPI). Gain a detailed methodology for content asset valuation that creates positive ROI and planning for intelligent reuse of those assets within owned and syndicated channels.

Content Personalization — Collect reliable data about visitor preferences, distinguish customers in regard to lifetime value, and recognize and segment by specific needs or interests. [A] enables content personalization to identify, differentiate, interact, and customize content delivering unique interactions with each user.

About [A]

[A] is a distributed, private, professional services firm that helps smart organizations get smarter through intelligent use of valuable content assets. Complex organizations use [A] to compete in a multichannel, multimodal, AI-driven world.

[A] clients and agency partners employ content engineering to help bridge the integration gap between content strategy, the CEM and customer experience technologies and value [A]'s proven methodologies for content valuation. [A] offers strategic support for building content intelligence practices into organizations and tactical services, including content engineering, and CEM platform technologies, integration, training, custom development and web analytics.

Contact [A] to learn more about how intelligent content strategy, design and engineering can benefit your organization.