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Customer Experience Platform Development

Nailing Customer Experience Has Never Been More Important

According to Gartner’s Customer Contact Council, customers who exert "low" effort to achieve their goals are 23 times more likely to repurchase and 22 times more likely to spend more money on their second purchase. Inversely, customers who are required to exert "high" effort to achieve their goals are 81 times more likely to review their experience as a negative one. In short, organizations and enterprises alike must develop frictionless customer experiences in order to win and keep customers.

[A]'s Intelligent Content Services Include:

[A]’s Customer Experience Platform Development Includes:

Customer Experience Technology Consulting — [A] helps select, build, and integrate the ideal customer experience management platform and technologies customized to organizational needs.
Customer Experience Platform Development and Implementation — Implementation of CEM/CMS platforms and management of the complexity of content migration, syndication, and targeting across all channels.
Enterprise Software Integration — Enterprise integration of business intelligence and search tools, ERP and CRM applications, knowledge management, emerging cognitive and semantic services, line-of-business applications, and custom web services development that moves content across silos, enriches and connects it, and publishes content out to impact the customer experience at the CEM layer.
Marketing Technology Selection and Planning — Analysis of needs for martech stack software and planning for logical selection cycles that incorporate key integration considerations. Armed with an intelligent selection, [A] organizes and implements the right mix of marketing technologies, connects channels, automates engagement, integrates APIs and web services, and enables content reuse across channels.
User Experience Design and Interactive Content Development — Design and delivery of personalized customer journeys and engagement paths across all digital touch points, from website to mobile, to robots like Google, Siri, and Cortana, to native apps.
Multichannel and Mobile Content Enablement — Multi-platform development, mobile commerce, and integration with CMS/CEM/CRM software and content APIs.


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