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Customer Experience Strategy

Half of today’s marketers can’t react to new channels, devices, trends, or competitors using their current content technology.

Delivering customer experiences that resonate across an increasingly interactive, AI-driven content landscape requires an intelligent content system and strategy. Customers expect valuable and holistic content experiences from discovery through retention — content that meets and even at times exceeds expectations is considered intelligent content.

To create customer-centric experiences across channels and platforms, enterprise leaders from marketing, technical communications, and beyond respond by shaping and delivering new interactions with intelligent content strategies, technologies and practices. Content and systems must support more and more variants, including conversational UIs like chatbots, voice search and command, and interactive UIs like augmented reality and wearables.

Companies that leverage content intelligence provide more customer value, reduce customer effort, and improve operational efficiency. The new content explosion creates a disruption for organizations and can bury those that remain entrenched in legacy content marketing tools, tactics, and paradigms. It’s time for a more intelligent approach.

[A]'s Intelligent Content Services Include:

Customer Experience Strategy Review

Begin by closely examining the current state of content across the organization.  

  • Does a multichannel strategy exist and is it able to facilitate customer journeys in the right contexts and formats for customers?
  • Can existing content repositories reliably support evolving channels and customer demands such as interactions with chatbots, virtual personal assistants, and voice driven devices?
  • Do current content systems deliver intelligent content?
  • Is existing content delivered in such a way it provides value and reduces customer friction?
  • Is content relevant and based on context? Is it competitive? Does it drive actions and conversions?
  • Do our customers feel more recognized with each return visit?
  • Do our marketing and executive stakeholders possess the metrics needed to value content as a balance sheet asset?
  • Can marketing justify, measure, and optimize content asset investment and portfolio strategies?

Customer Experience Strategy Capabilities:

Strategic Content Intelligence — Perform customer journey mapping, and conduct content inventories and audits to map content assets, identify reuse opportunities, and develop a content model. This model is used to move content toward an intelligent future state. Intelligent personalized content is employed and key analytics prove content asset ROI and content valuation.

Intelligent Content Optimization and Engagement Analytics — Implement intelligent enterprise content platforms and attain the right content intelligence tools to manage the complexity of content migration, syndication, reporting, and targeting across multiple channels.

Multichannel and Mobile Content Planning — Build experience prototypes using adaptive content and responsive design, and employ content engineering methodologies to enable intelligent multichannel content. [A]'s web services architecture and content API planning ensures content syndicates, publishes, and functions smoothly, and that assets are tracked and attributed across devices and touchpoints. Ask [A] about designing web services and content APIs for content reuse within native mobile applications and external customer touchpoints.

About [A]

[A] is a distributed, private, professional services firm that helps smart organizations get smarter through intelligent use of valuable content assets. Complex organizations use [A] to compete in a multichannel, multimodal, AI-driven world.

[A] clients and agency partners employ content engineering to help bridge the integration gap between content strategy, the CEM and customer experience technologies and value [A]'s proven methodologies for content valuation. [A] offers strategic support for building content intelligence practices into organizations and tactical services, including content engineeringCEM platform technologies, integration, training, custom development, and web analytics.

Contact [A] to learn how intelligent content strategy, design, and engineering can benefit your agency or organization.