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Content Engineering

Customers who expend low effort to reach their goals are 23 times more likely to repurchase, according to Gartner.

Meeting the demands of multichannel, multimodal, personalized publishing can baffle even the most resource-rich, giant enterprises. Making content reuse actually work across content variations, devices, and in new forms like chatbots and voice interfaces, requires more than just a well-integrated content management system.

Organizational content intelligence incorporates multiple new disciplines in an orchestrated new publishing gestalt. We must now model, acquire, manage, and publish content coherently across the enterprise, across multiple systems of record. As organizations begin to more accurately understand and value content, it becomes clear that a new practice must be built to survive and compete in an increasingly intelligent world.

Employ a Solid Content Engineering Methodology

Improve discoverability of content, enable reuse. Assign value to content assets with a content valuation process. Engineer intelligent content and streamline content publishing across numerous content repositories and marketing platforms. Align CCMS content with CEM platforms, such as Kentico and Sitecore. Integrate DAM, PIM, ERP, CRM, Commerce, and Martech apps to a standard Master Content Model® (MCM).

[A]'s Intelligent Content Services Include:

Digital transformation isn't one big lift- it’s many little lifts over time. [A] helps clients create integrated, lasting micro-changes that add up to major upgrades to an organization’s overall content intelligence and competitiveness.

What does content engineering accomplish?

  • Investment in content, technology, tools, and personnel supported by strong processes, good documentation, and proper education and training.
  • Creative, marketing, and technical teams enabled with the skills, knowledge, and training to work together to address evolving business goals and marketing objectives.
  • Strategic leadership to guide the business processes, project management, and digital governance required to manage the digital content, marketing platform and business initiatives.
  • A content asset management office (CAM) able to handle the complexity of managing and documenting digital content processes and requirements.

Content Engineering Capabilities:

Content Intelligence Tools and Process Implementation

Manage the complexity of engineering intelligent content, tools, processes, and requirements to align with marketing automation objectives.

Content Asset Management (CAM) Office Implementation

Implementing the strategic content asset management office (CAM) enables content asset processes, project management, and governance.

Business and Technical Alignment

Clear documentation and requirements guide and assure stakeholders of all aspects of the software specifications, implementation, and usability. Expectations, functionalities, costs, delivery dates, and more are clearly defined and contractually bound.

Education and Training

Proper education and training ensures the creative, marketing, and technical teams have the knowledge and training to work in harmony going forward while using a content engineering methodology to deliver custom customer experiences drawing on data across application and departmental silos.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Define and resource the needed roles to complete technical and creative teams. [A] focuses on marketing and business goals and brings together in-house teams with the technical expertise and training needed to facilitate modern, multi-channel digital operations.

About [A]

[A] clients and agency partners leverage content engineering to help bridge the integration gap between content strategy, the CEM, and customer experience technologies, and value [A]'s proven methodologies for content valuation. [A] offers strategic support for building content intelligence practices into organizations and tactical services, including content engineering and CEM platform technologies, integration, training, custom development, and web analytics.

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