Digital Content Management

75% of businesses will transform to digital or be preparing for the change by 2020 — Only 30% will be successful.

Get the support and tools needed to create a competitive content marketing automation plan with digital content management and engineering from [A].


Digital Content Management

Digital content management, engineering and transformation are not one big lift. It’s many little lifts over time. [A] helps clients create integrated, lasting micro-changes that add up to major upgrades to an organization’s overall digital maturity and competitiveness.

What does digital content management accomplish?

  • Strategic leadership to guide the business processes, project management, and digital governance required to manage the digital content, marketing platform and business initiatives.
  • Investment in content, technology, tools and personnel supported by strong processes, good documentation and proper education and training.
  • A digital management office (DMO) able to handle the complexity of managing and documenting digital content processes and requirements.
  • Creative, marketing and technical teams enabled with the skills, knowledge and training to work together to address evolving business goals and marketing objectives.

Digital Content Management Services

Digital Management Office Implementation

[A] manages the complexity of engineering digital content processes and requirements to align with marketing automation objectives. Implementing the strategic DMO enables DMO business processes, project management and governance.

Business and Technical Alignment

[A] creates clear documentation and requirements to guide and assure stakeholders of all aspects of the software specifications, implementation, and usability. Expectations, functionalities, costs, delivery dates and more are clearly defined and contractually bound.

Education and Training

[A]’s education and training services ensure the creative, marketing and technical teams have the knowledge and training to work in harmony going forward while using a content engineering methodology to deliver custom customer experiences drawing on data across application and department silos.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

[A] assists with all aspects of defining and resourcing needed roles to complete technical and creative teams. We focus on marketing and business goals and bring together in-house teams with the technical expertise and training needed to facilitate modern, multichannel digital operations.

[A] Strategic Partner with Vision

[A] is passionate about managing content assets to build a smarter world. [A]gents are dedicated to creating intelligent personalized content relevant to audience needs, aligned to organizational goals, and targeted across multiple channels and devices.

[A]'s content engineers specialize in strategy, integration, management, support, and training for the leading CMS/CEM technologies and platforms, including Kentico and Sitecore.

Getting Started

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