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Content Services Organization

At the core of customer engagement and relationship management is relevant, timely, context-specific content. However, creating personalized and relevant content at scale is easier said than done — especially in a constantly evolving digital landscape. Where do we start, and how do we change the way we produce and deliver content across an organization?

Discover the answer in creating a new organizational model that supports content intelligence by incorporating Content Strategy, Content Engineering, and Content Operations practices within an overall Content Services Organization (CSO).

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    Membership includes access to a compendium of resources and emerging insights into content and intelligence transformation.

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    Members get pre-publication access to the most significant new educational assets, research reports, and reflections from [A] – the Content Intelligence Service, and other industry leaders.

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    Join invited guests, all senior content leaders, for roundtable discussions covering focused aspects within the overall evolution of content across the enterprise.

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    Facilitated sharing of peer ideas and best practices provides a way for us to all get smarter, together.

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    Get access to memeber discounts offered on content related books, courses, software, and other merchandise useful to practitioners.