Ingeniux Headless API

The CMS API for content-driven sites and apps that doesn't sacrifice an ounce of web experience capability.

Build content-enabled experiences for every application and channel:

  • Modern Sites and SPAs -- Enable developers to build modern web experiences using a JAM Stack architecture. Manage routing, preview, workflow, governance, and even In-Context Editing. Go headless without sacrificing content management capabilities.
  • Native Mobile Apps: Manage content remotely without making developers rebuild or recompile their applications. No need to resubmit to the App Store or force updates on mobile devices.
  • Web Applications: Solve content updates and application build challenges. Empower marketing and SME's to update Help, labels, CTAs and other in-app content from a central location without impacting DevOps using our decoupled architecture and headless CMS.
  • Third Party Content Editing: Enable external third parties to manage and update co-branded sites and apps following a strict workflow and approval process without needing direct access to the application.