What is the Content Order?

The Content Order is a new membership program hosted by [A] for anyone invested in the future of content. As enterprise content publishers approach the year 2020, we need to overhaul our content ecosystems including massive changes across people, process, and technology. The new order of content intelligence has been driven by educated leaders working hard to achieve a new way of working with content, enterprise knowledge, and customer experiences. 

The Content Order is part of the solution, starting with education and idea-sharing.

Joining the Content Order, for free.

Join the Content Order, and get access to the best from the [A] Treasury of Content Intelligence from leaders like Cruce Saunders, Joe Gollner, Alan Porter, Kris Eberlein, and others. Early access to new Treasury assets. Members-only roundtables and content. Curated, facilitated peer knowledge-sharing. Membership in the Content Order is complimentary, and open to all qualified participants.

Qualifications for membership in the Content Order

Today, joining the Content Order includes two straightforward parameters:
  • Has a stake in the future of enterprise content.
  • Is a real, named person - not an anonymous email address.

Benefits of joining the Content Order

  • Access to the Content Intelligence Treasury periodical
    • Members receive a compendium of resources and innovations at the forward edge of the intelligence transformation
  • Early access to new [A] thinking, reports, and research
    • Members get pre-publication access to the most significant new educational assets, research reports, and reflections from the Content Intelligence Service
  • Members-only Content Intelligence Roundtable discussions
    • 3 times per year, join [A] panelists and invited guests for a discussion roundtable covering the evolution in content across the enterprise
  • Members-only question-asking and idea-sharing
    • Facilitated peer idea and best-practice sharing provides one way for us to all get smarter, together. 
  • Invitations to private [A] Content Intelligence Forum events 
  • Discounts on [A]wear merchandise

Get on the List

The Content Order is coming soon. Get on the list to be alerted when the Content Order is available to join.