In danger of losing members to a high-speed digital world?

Put multichannel digital marketing in place and provide a consistent experience across all channels … Digital Maturity, the intelligent use of digital technologies to enroll, engage and educate members online, gets results. ​​


Digital Maturity begins here. 

Today's association leaders must have the digital tools and processes in place to entice new members to join and to compel existing members to stay.

Advances in digital marketing technologies and platforms present specialized tools to entice, engage and educate members online.

Questions to ask:

  • How well does our online experience deliver value to our members?
  • How many channels do we use to engage with our members?
  • Does our content resonate with members?
  • Do our members feel known and recognized when they return to our site?
  • What devices do most of our members use to visit our site?
  • Do our members know about or exercise the full benefits of membership?
  • Are our email campaigns and newsletters fully integrated with our CMS or CEM?
  • Are we getting strong value and reuse from our investments in content assets and member experiences?
  • In what ways could our operations be improved and streamlined with digital process?

Does your organizaiton face any of these common digital maturity challenges?

  • Updating an outdated member experience platform
  • Organizing and presenting a growing amount of content
  • Attracting and retaining new visitors
  • Enabling or engaging a mobile audience
  • Measuring the success of marketing campaigns and content investments
  • Choosing, implementing or integrating a CMS or CEM with the AMS
  • Competing with free social networks offering similar benefits
  • Structuring the organization to support modern digital development cycles
  • Managing and optimizing a high volume of internal and external content assets
  • Aligning digital operations between marketing, member services, operations, finance, IT and other silos 

Keys to digital maturity:

  • Leadership able to drive digital transformation in the organization. Leaders with the vision to shape a new future, establish governance and build IT/business relationships to implement technology-based change.
  • Investment in digital initiatives, infrastructure and content assets to revolutionize member engagement, internal operations and organizational models and processes.
  • Commitment to relevant, personalized member experiences. Retain and manage membership, fundraise and promote events, educate and recruit — all integrated within the AMS, CRM and CMS solutions.

About [A]

[A] is a content technology integrator with proven experience delivering operational cost savings, faster time to market and revenue generation. National association clients include sporting bodies, advocacy groups, trade groups, accrediting bodies representing millions of members. We are dedicated to demonstrating how digital marketing and the related technologies can improve the bottom line — an important step to gaining the support of executives and board members.

For a personal introduction to digital association maturity, setup a consultation with [A], or start by taking [A]'s no-cost Digital Maturity Evaluation.

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