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Serve, simplify, and communicate like never before between iMIS and multichannel digital member experiences.

[A] has an integration framework, web services standards, and set of prebuilt utilities for connecting iMIS to digital experiences using sophisticated customer experience management (CEM) platforms like Kentico and Sitecore.

Connect with members and transform experience

Integrate CEM with the AMS to deliver a single source of intelligence for every organizational content asset and interaction. Full integration between the CEM and AMS allows marketers to enable transformative change within the association

Simplify member experience

Make it as easy as possible for members to achieve goals. Simplify event registration, membership signup, renewal and offer easy access to private content and services.

With iMIS and Kentico, organizations provide a 1-click access system that enables direct member engagement, never requiring member login details or demanding unnecessary steps to interact with the organization.

Direct data management

Managing an individual or organization's data record can be complex and can create a barrier to true self-service record management. Provide a unique, facilitated experience for profile management.

Encourage one-time and regular giving

Track giving from the website directly into iMIS, whether it be a one-time donation or a sign up for a regular giving program. There is increasing evidence now that online givers have a higher return rate, more dedication to the organization, and make donations with a significantly higher-than-average size.

10 ways to enhance member experience and enable new opportunities for the association.

Expedite membership renewal and profile updates with 1-click

  • Expedite membership renewal with a personalized URL requiring no member login
  • Make profile updates fast and simple, asking only for the necessary information
  • Keep databases updated
  • Encourage more opt-ins

Simplify event registration with 1-click

  • Send personalized invitations with no further login credentials required for special events or training courses, making it easier and faster for members to sign up
  • Offer members a page configured uniquely for them, allowing registration for any course without the need to create a separate account
  • Ensures the registration is attached to the right registrant with duplicate matching

Automate renewals

  • Automate membership retention processes such as renewal notices, reminders, acknowledgements, and welcome and renewal packs
  • Configure member guidance and prompts during the renewal process
  • Maintain the terms and conditions of membership
  • Update user-defined fields the moment membership renewal is paid

Provide optional products

  • Flag subscription items as optional during membership renewal
  • Set default check boxes for previously subscribed items
  • Promote upgrade options
  • Present subscription options with radio buttons

Use any type of classification

  • Create various types of iMIS classification
  • Group events in a series, by type, by a calendar, or any other type
  • Use structure with iMIS Events and CMS-managed content to create unlimited classifications

Assign role-based pricing

  • Assign dynamic roles for access and control to iMIS Event Registrant classes
  • Dynamically allocate pricing offers through rules based on any piece of iMIS profile data
  • Dynamic pricing example:
    • Create a pricing class to enable all members who joined in the last 60 days to register for a special event at half price

Offer member-only content via dynamic role assignment

  • iMIS roles can be used instantly in the CEM to define and manage access to member-only content
  • Use data in iMIS to add or remove users from roles
  • Update membership roles based on data in iMIS

Make the most of authentication and unlimited access to iMIS data

  • Login to CEM is integrated in real-time with iMIS
  • Fully support standard functions like forgotten passwords and password resets Make data created in iMIS available to digital and CEM channels
  • Enable any single instance or multi-instance user-defined field.
  • Use a configuration utility that makes it possible to edit the information, adhering to iMIS rules

Interface with 3rd-party suppliers

  • Create a web-based, private interface for 3rd-party suppliers, such as telemarketers running an upgrade campaign or face-to-face fundraisers running acquisition
  • Any gift or sign-up taken goes directly into the iMIS system with no need for rekeying
  • Process credit cards in real-time to avoid the possibility of bad acquisitions

Employ fully dynamic and configurable search

  • The CEM for iMIS Directory allows users to find other contacts within iMIS
  • Perform search by standard iMIS fields or user-defined fields Combine IQA and other configuration items to create an easy, intelligent search experience
  • Search a qualified location database and return results ordered by proximity to the desired location
  • Enable promotion of members to local constituents and provide the best opportunity for converting local business

Cover all the bases

  • Authentication and access control
  • Profile management
    • Individual
    • Organizational
    • Relationship management
  • Membership management
    • Join
    • Renew
    • Upgrade
  • Event registration
    • Single registration
    • Group bookings
  • Donations
    • Single instance giving
    • Regular instance giving Sign up
  • Directories
    • Find-A services
    • Searchable member directories
  • Group management
    • Committees
    • Affiliates
    • Partners
    • Working groups
  • Social integration
    • Facebook, LinkedIn authentication and profile access
    • Onsite forums

To get the most out of iMIS integration with a Kentico or Sitecore customer experience management platform, contact [A].

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