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Association Management Systems and Kentico Xperience

Association management systems (AMS) are used by associations and nonprofit organizations to manage membership data, interactions and events. Think of the AMS as part CRM and part back-office accounting functions. Best of breed AMS solutions provide an end-to-end interface for managing all aspects of membership. An important distinction here is that the AMS becomes the primary system of record for membership information.

Kentico Xperience functionality coupled with an integration into the AMS enables member-centric content presentation and marketing, including membership processing, event and training registration, member and prospect communications and other association marketing needs.

Many associations use an AMS as the primary membership database and then integrate their AMS with Kentico Xperience to create closed-loop marketing campaigns. [A] works with association leaders to discover ways to improve and streamline the core business processes associations depend on. Kentico customers can choose from a number of pre-built AMS integration modules, that offer associations the following capabilities:

Strategy and Business Development

  • Integrate the membership database with Kentico Xperience
  • Use data and systems to strategically plan, manage and sustain the organization
  • Manage membership, including join and renewal
  • Accelerate and grow revenue from donations, grants, memberships and other sources
  • Manage user profiles, including individual, organization and relationship management

Member Experience and Support

  • Provide members real-time information on the web
  • Directories, like Find-A services or searchable member directories
  • Social integration, for Groups, Forums, Friends, etc.
  • Event registration, including anonymous registration and group bookings

Marketing and Analytics

  • Reach, engage, and retain donors, members and constituents with campaigns that run on their own
  • Collect donations and measure marketing campaigns to members, both one-time and subscription
  • Display products, prices and events automatically and dynamically online for e-commerce transactions
  • Automate communications to members or prospects
  • Combine dynamic queries with customizable templates and schedule messages for future, weekly or monthly recurrence
  • Control authentication and access

Membership Renewal

Suppose our association is marketing a membership renewal with a special newsletter targeted just to expiring members. This often involves the cost of postage, recording sign ups, gathering new member data and managing member payments. Additionally, going the extra step to welcome new members is time consuming and often falls to the wayside. An AMS tied to Kentico Xperience reduces costs in a number of ways:

  • Send a newsletter by instantly pulling all e-mail addresses related to expiring memberships from the AMS membership database.
  • As members renew, their payment is recorded in the database and funds are securely transferred. Because the database recorded the payment amounts, as well as who paid, a thank you e-mail can be sent with little effort.

Marketing automation integrated with AMS means:

  • Full control of content – Anyone given permission can edit and manage the website via easy-to-use yet powerful website management tools.
  • Electronic communication management – Every email can be automated, targeted and personalized, whether it is a marketing promotion or a transaction confirmation.
  • Specialized content facilities – Easily manage media, news, policy, guidelines and submissions, both by publishing them on the website and delivering them via email.
  • Fully integrated commerce – A full suite of commerce features that are integrated directly to the AMS.
  • Fully hosted and managed – A one-stop-shop to ensure that associations are always online and up-to-date with the latest in innovation and technology.

Kentico Xperience integrations with Abila, iMIS, Aptify and Personify

Kentico Xperience integrates smoothly with the leading AMS platforms on the market including:


Abila (formerly Avectra NetFORUM) is a leading provider of software and services for associations, nonprofit organizations and government entities helping to improve decision making, execute with greater precision, increase engagement and generate more revenue.


Aptify allows associations to captivate members and association marketers to focus on achieving core missions—without worrying about how the association membership software operates behind the scenes. With Aptify’s powerful functionality and intuitive, immediate interface, work gets done faster and more efficiently than ever before.


iMIS is one of the most popular membership solutions highly rated for member self-service options, e-commerce flexibility, built-in web CMS capability, executive dashboards, social media capabilities and mobile delivery.


Personify delivers enterprise software and service solutions to leading member-focused organizations. As an organization’s technology foundation, Personify captures and provides insight across all member interactions, allowing them to maximize engagement and drive revenue.

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[A] is a content technology integrator with proven experience delivering operational cost savings, faster time to market and revenue generation. National association clients include sporting bodies, advocacy groups, trade groups, accrediting bodies representing millions of members. We are dedicated to demonstrating how digital marketing and the related technologies can improve the bottom line — an important step to gaining the support of executives and board members.

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