[A]: The Content Intelligence Service

[A] partners with enterprise leaders to reach more channels, grow the value of content assets, and streamline omnichannel production and publishing. The largest and most complex organizations use [A] to compete in a multichannel, multimodal, AI-driven world.

[A] is the Content Intelligence Service. In partnership with leading global enterprises, [A] orchestrates content intelligence systems that unify the people, processes, and technology for omnichannel publishing and real-time personalized customer experiences at scale. The patterns in the [A] Content Intelligence Framework support strong returns on content asset investments, streamlined and integrated content operations, and a lean content supply chain. To achieve this, [A] ensures content is:

  • Coherent – Orchestrated against a Master Content Model®, unifying systems for content interoperability.

  • Self-Aware – Connected with semantics, taxonomy, structure, and context.

  • Quantum – Able to exist in multiple states and systems at one time, leveraging content assets for reach and impact.

Connect with an Omnichannel, Personalized World

Use the power of the [A] Content Intelligence Framework to assemble and organize the people, process, and technology necessary to meet the publishing and customer experience demands facing knowledge-rich enterprises in an era of unprecedented change and scale.

  • Make content technology software investments accomplish more, more efficiently, when architected into a holistic Content Intelligence System.
  • Drive content reach and impact across humans and robots, accruing measurable value.

  • Match realtime customer data with contextualized, faceted content, creating increased discovery, customization, automation, and personalization capabilities.

  • Reduce total effective cost of content through low-friction, omnipurpose content reuse.

[A] Core Content Intelligence Services

  • Content Intelligence

  • Content Engineering

  • Content Practice

Content Intelligence – Creating content intelligence is a large undertaking and it takes effort to do it right. We review the content landscape, identify key content intelligence use cases, create organizational understanding of the problem, and define intelligent content initiatives. This process begins by information gathering and strategic planning, which include:

  • Executive Briefings

  • Discovery Workshops

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • Content Strategy

  • Audit & Analyze Content Landscape

  • Technology Selection & Planning

  • Stack & Solution Design

Content Engineering – One key ingredient in content intelligence is that all content is driven from a single model. We create a organizational specific Master Content Model® and iteratively work through incremental changes to align all channels. After a plan is established, [A] works with our clients to help define content ecosystems and pathways including:
  • Structure

    • Master Content Model®

    • Align Authoring System Schemas

  • Semantics

    • Define Semantic Services

    • Ontology Management

  • Graph

    • Define Knowledge Graph

    • Build Graph Database

  • Customer Experience Design & Development

  • CMS, CEM Integration & Configuration

  • Content-as-a-Service (CaaS); Content API Development

  • Enterprise Software Integration

  • Omnichannel Content Transformation and Workflows

  • Chatbot Architecture, Development, Integration

Content Practice – Most companies are not organizationally aligned for content intelligence. We help companies define organizational structure and processes to facilitate content intelligence moving forward. To set the ecosystem in motion, [A] can help define and improve internal:
  • Organizational Structure
  • Role Definitions
  • Governance Definition
  • Oversight
  • Embedded [A]gents
  • Mentoring/Apprenticeships
  • Recruiting
  • Interviewing
  • Training

[A] knows that content intelligence emerges from systemic changes to people, process, and technology. And [A] clients are all committed to making those steady steps for the huge rewards they bring in terms of customer experience, cost savings, scale, and strategic market impact.
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