Content Modeling for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content Modeling for Search Engine Optimization

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One of the biggest challenges and opportunities within publishing today is content modeling. Lead the way to omnichannel publishing, search performance, and personalization by using content models.

In less than one hour, learn the basics and how models can enhance content workflows, content management systems, and the path to structured data to improve SEO performance. 

Achieve better content findability, power up omnichannel content reuse, and activate Intelligent Customer Experiences. Start on the path to building an organizational capability to build and manage the content models that drive interactions with any knowledge set.

Set time aside to learn more about Content Models and their many benefits by watching this free webinar.

Topics Covered within the Webinar

  • The Importance of a Content Model for SEO and Beyond
  • Content Modeling: A Quick Overview
  • Developing a Content Model
  • Developing a Content Model: First steps

Content Modeling Resources

To learn more, download the accompanying Content Modeling Resource Guide.

Also, watch the Content Modeling Roundtable, available to members of the Content Order.

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