Connecting Content with Models and Maps

The Content Supply Chain: Connecting Content Using Models and Maps


In the ever-growing ecosystems of content–disparate, siloed systems lead to massive wasted effort and slow, bloated processes. Organizations with many content systems suffer from an inability to even find and use content constantly, let alone achieve content targeting and personalization across channels.
Take control of your content with models and maps that connect content systems. With some planning and configuration, content can seamlessly flow and transform through an efficient content supply chain.
Join Cruce Saunders, the founder, and principal of [A] , and guests, as they dive into a simplified case study and approaches showing how to orchestrate and organize content across systems in a decoupled content supply chain that powers customer experiences with modular content.
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  • Learn how to connect existing systems, tools, and content as part of an integrated content supply chain operating on shared content architecture patterns
  • Find out how to improve content throughput, consistency, and strategy efficiency
  • See how content models and supply chain maps provide a shared touchpoint for unifying customer experiences across multiple departments within an organization.

This webinar is brought to you by The Content Wrangler and is sponsored by [A].

Looking for more on Content Models and the Content Supply Chain?

Review this article, “Architecting and Operating an Enterprise Content Supply Chain”, which covers the challenges of misaligned content models, and presents the benefits of a single content vision and the Core Content Model. 

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About the presenters

Cruce Saunders
Cruce is the founder and principal at [A], the content intelligence service (, and author of Content Engineering for a Multi-Channel World. He regularly speaks on omnichannel customer experience, content intelligence, content models, AI, chatbots, personalization, content structure and semantic standards, and intelligence transformation. Cruce also hosts a podcast, Towards a Smarter World, where he connects with leaders impacting global intelligence. Follow him on Twitter at @mrcruce. 

Samuel Erickson
Samuel is a semantics engineer and product manager for a number of internal projects at [A]. He applies experience in taxonomy, ontology, and content modeling to help clients craft intelligent semantics frameworks for multi-channel content delivery. As a product manager, Samuel incorporates [A]’s content modeling and orchestration methodologies to create powerful tools for both [A]gents and clients.


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