Applying Content Intelligence to Create Better User Experiences

Harnessing the Power of Content Intelligence to Create Better User Experiences


At its pinnacle, intelligent customer experience (ICX) wraps together the elements of content strategy, engineering, operations, and user experience (UX) to ensure that all of the parts and disciplines play well together. The systems, processes, structure, and architecture behind these elements are the foundations of ICX. They enable us to scale up, to extend our reach, to improve our outcomes, and to automate where appropriate. 
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Discover concrete steps and methodologies that you can employ to achieve content goals for UX in our rapidly shifting marketplace.

Key Takeaways:
  • Connect the dots among the content disciplines and learn how they can play together
  • Understand why deliberate system choices are important and how to make them
  • Learn some practical ideas for building more content intelligence into your UX

More About UX Writer Conference


The UX Writer Conference is aimed for those who have made "UX writing" the hallmark of their professional interests. Throughout the event, participants share ideas and techniques about interaction and visual design, user research, and content strategy in relation to user experience (UX).

About the presenters

Beth Weaving. – Senior Content Engineer, Process Analyst, and UX Lead

Beth leads [A]’s effort to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation with [A]’s Content Intelligence methodology. Her skills include wrangling requirements and user needs to manage content technology vendor selection, strategic facilitation, and business analysis. As a content engineer, Beth contributes to creating comprehensive content models, content types, and prototypes, along with information architecture and functional specifications upon which large content technology initiatives are based. Beth applies techniques from psychology, neuroscience, and anthropological studies to [A]’s engagements focused on delivering intelligent customer experiences.

Kit Brow-Hoekstra. – Content Operations Lead
Kit Brown-Hoekstra brings a background in life sciences, medical, and localization industries, as well as 25+ years of experience to [A]’s Content Intelligence team. As the Content Operations lead, Kit works with the Content Strategists and Content Engineers to help companies build better frameworks so that they can create global-ready content that effectively serves customers wherever they live and work.
A Fellow and former Society president for the Society for Technical Communication, Kit brings a deep commitment to the field of technical communication and to growing the value of the content teams she works with. She mentors, acts as Principal for Comgenesis, LLC, speaks at conferences globally, regularly contributes content to industry magazines, and has published two commercial books: The Language of Localization (2017, editor) and Managing Virtual Teams: Getting the Most from Wikis, Blogs, and Other Collaborative Tools (2007 with Brenda Huettner and Char James-Tanny). 

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